Receive e-mails from your assembly system

Assembly Automation

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(2003), "Receive e-mails from your assembly system", Assembly Automation, Vol. 23 No. 3.



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Receive e-mails from your assembly system

Receive e-mails from your assembly system

Keywords: Automation, Internet, E-mail

EtherGate 692DP is an easy-to-cross bridge between the worlds of manufacture and the office. Communication at the Ethernet end of the pipeline is governed by the UDP/IP or TCP/IP protocol. Several high-level visualisation languages for PCs (e.g. Delphi, Visual Basic, etc.) contain standard components and examples of this type of connection (Plate 2).

Plate 2 The EtherGate 692DP

The connection down to the field level is made by EtherGate 692DP acting as a 12 Mbit/s PROFIBUS slave.

However, EtherGate 692DP also serves as an easy-to-handle network link between two PROFIBUS DP masters.

The PROFIBUS DP master in the network hosts data modules which take care of sending e-mails or html pages. There are some sample programs available for various PLC systems (e.g. S7), allowing us make use of TeleService and web server functionalities.

By means of its specific GSD file, EtherGate 692DP integrates with every PROFIBUS-DP network. This applies to newly installed and older systems. This allows new, innovative networking concepts to be adapted to the available hardware at a minimum technical and financial efforts.

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