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Internet page AFT Micro-Mechanics

Keywords: Batch processes, Production

AFT is a French company which specialises in small and medium batch production of high precision, micro-mechanical parts. They have more than 20 years' experience in micro-mechanics and, with a new machine park available, are able to manufacture highly complex parts. A total of 65 per cent of their turnover is in exports, primarily to the USA, Switzerland and the UK.

This is a good site which contains a balanced mixture of pictures and text. Information can be found about the company's activities, products and contact information. Concurrent Manufacturing Planning

Keyword: Manufacturing

COMPLAN, Concurrent Manufacturing Planning and Shop Control for Small Batch Production, is a project that has been founded by the European Commission of the European Union. The project aimed to develop an integrated software system for collaborative process planning and workshop scheduling for discrete part manufacturing. It supports planning with manufacturing alternatives represented in non-linear (net-shaped) process plans.

This Web site is well presented and has useful links and background information. Precision Engineering Company

Keywords: Batch processes, Manufacturing, Production

Global Precision Engineering Ltd is a medium-sized company with a machine shop that is well equipped for small batch production and manufacturing special purpose machines, jig fixtures and moulds, and prototype and experimental parts. This is a basic site with a limited number of links.

http://www.agve.seAGV Electronics

Keywords: Electronics, AGV

AGV Electronics AB (AGVE) was established in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1985 and is a leading manufacturer of Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) controls. The company is a sub-supplier for system integrators and develops, manufactures and markets controls for AGVs. Since 1989, AGVE has been supplying various types of complete AGVs.

This is an interesting site which is in both English and Swedish. For those who are unfamiliar with AGVs, there are useful AGV information pages, containing general information and different types of guidance and navigation techniques. Hobby Beverage Equipment Company

Keyword: Manufacturing

This site is the home of the Mini-Brew Systems produced by the Hobby Beverage Equipment Company. Their goal is to provide the best small batch brewing equipment available. This site is easy to navigate and informative. Amerden Inc.

Keyword: AGV

Amerden specialise in designing custom automatic guided vehicle systems for material handling. They also provide industrial signalling equipment, produced by SIRENA. Amerden provide automatic guided vehicle systems which are engineered to minimise operational costs and can service, repair, and support AGV systems to the component level.

Information is available concerning: their standard and custom vehicles, vehicle despatch and traffic control, AGVS budget pricing and turnkey system, return on investment, available literature, and vehicles available for retrofit. The emphasis of this site is on products rather than the company. It is well presented and easy to navigate. Abstract

Keywords: Batch processes, Manufacturing, Production

This site contains an abstract titled "A capacity oriented hierarchical approach to single item and small batch production planning using project scheduling methods". Overall, it is well presented but is limited in the language options, being predominantly in German. Corecon

Keyword: AGV

This site contains plenty of information about a range of Automated Guided Vehicles which can be supplied by Corecon. It is ideal for those who are interested in buying AGVs but the site does not contain any further information about Corecon itself.

Hot sites> Lecture course

Keyword: Statistical process control

This page gives details of a one-day course, SPC (Statistical Process Control) for Small Batch Manufacturing, which is organised by Brunel University, UK. The course is aimed at those involved with manufacturing in small batches, namely quality managers or engineers and manufacturing engineers. It provides a methodology for quality improvement of the conventional SPC ideally suited to long-run manufacturing processes. The methodology is based on research carried out by Brunel University staff and is supported by the Engineering and Research Council. A step-by-step work-book is supplied to course participants. The only entry requirement for the course is a familiarity with SPC. A two-day SPC course is available as an introduction.

This simple site is a useful resource containing course information, pricing and links to other courses run at Brunel University. Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Institute

Keywords: Manufacturing, Technology

The Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Institute was established in July 1957 as a comprehensive research institute under the Aviation Industries of China. It conducts research and development work on aeronautical manufacturing technologies and associated equipment along with various mechanical and electrical products. They undertake the trial production and manufacture of key aero parts in small batches, using in-house techniques to solve the difficulties and requirements of R&D for new aircraft. Research is currently being undertaken in ECM, EDM, ESD and compound machining. So far production lines have been established for: Trial Production Line for Composite Structures, Sheet Metal Parts Production Line, The Production Line for Aero Ti-alloy Fasteners, Honeycomb Sealing Structure Production Line, The Trial Production Line of Honeycomb Adhesive Bonding Structures, The Production Line for Drilling Small Holes of Aero-Engine Parts, and The Production Line for 3-axis and 5-axis CNC Parts.

Overall this is a well presented and very interesting site.

Jonathan Rigelsford

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