Fieldbus interconnectivity for non-Fieldbus items

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(2000), "Fieldbus interconnectivity for non-Fieldbus items", Assembly Automation, Vol. 20 No. 3.



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Fieldbus interconnectivity for non-Fieldbus items

Fieldbus interconnectivity for non-Fieldbus items

Keywords: Fieldbus, Profibus, Interface cards

Colter Systems has augmented their extensive range of control interface and PLC products by introducing the BIS-100 which is available with a number of Fieldbus options. Designed and built in the UK, the BIS-100 includes Profibus-DP slave and Profibus-DP master variants. The Profibus slave unit illustrated (see Plate 4) is shown connected within the basic BIS-100 communications hub.

The BIS-100, stand alone communications hub has four serial communication ports, RTC, 200kbytes of data storage, eight digital I/O and comprehensive 32bit processor with:

  • Port 0: RS232 for programming and general use. Up to 19,200 baud.

  • Port 1: RS232 for general use. Up to 19,200 baud.

  • Ports 2 and 3: RS232 or RS485 for general use. Up to 38,400 baud. Hardware handshaking.

Plate 4BIS-100 Fieldbus interface from Colter Systems

Each port can be independently programmed by the user or configured to use one of the built-in protocols which include: Modbus RTU (Slave), Mitsubishi C24 Protocol 1, and others can be written to order.

By using a single BIS-100 - with Fieldbus interface card fitted - any non-Fieldbus unit with its own serial communications can be linked to a propriety Fieldbus system. The following Fieldbus interface boards can be factory fitted by Colter, others by request - Control Net, Profibus DP, Interbus S and Modbus Plus.

The BIS-100 automatically handles control of the Fieldbus port. Data to and from the Fieldbus master are passed through registers which are easily accessed and modified by the user. Slave address and input and output memory sizes can all be easily configured and by using two different BIS-100 units it is possible to exchange data between different Fieldbus systems.

Dial-up data access via a PSTN is allowed by having a modem fitted in addition to a Fieldbus module. The BIS-100 is configured using comprehensive FLEX32 software which can be viewed on the Colter Website:

For further information please contact: Peter Fox, Director, Colter Systems Ltd. Tel: +44 (0)1731 876887; Fax: +44 (0)1371 875638; E-mail:

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