Turnkey system unlocks measuring potential

Assembly Automation

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Article publication date: 1 September 2000




(2000), "Turnkey system unlocks measuring potential", Assembly Automation, Vol. 20 No. 3. https://doi.org/10.1108/aa.2000.03320cad.004



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Turnkey system unlocks measuring potential

Turnkey system unlocks measuring potential

Keywords: 3D, Measurement

Representing probably the most comprehensive and totally portable 3D measuring solution currently available in the UK is the FaroArm® "Turnkey System" available from leading supplier of innovative 3D measuring technologies, FARO UK (see Plate 3).

Comprising any one of FARO's 60 plus models from the renowned Gold, Silver or Sterling series of FaroArm® portable coordinate measuring arm - plus probes - the FaroArm® "Turnkey System" is proven to deliver both time saving and problem-solving benefits across a diverse range of end use applications. Together with a choice of program from the company's powerful, CAD-based CAM2® family of six design and inspection software programs installed on a pentium notebook computer, FARO's Turnkey System is a truly cost-effective package.

Plate 3The FaroArm® "Turnkey System" available from leading supplier of innovative 3D measuring technologies, FARO UK

Rather than taking parts to a traditional co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM), the FaroArm "Turnkey System" provides the "shopfloor" accuracy required in today's manufacturing environment by delivering the portability and flexibility required to take the measurement arm directly to the part. Points are collected by simply touching the probe of the articulated arm along the surface of any object and captured by the touch of two buttons on the probes pistol-grip handle. The collected data are read and graphically displayed by FARO's CAM2® software, and can then be output in a variety of formats.

Specifically designed to be used by personnel with minimal prior computer or CAD experience, FARO's open architecture CAM2 software, when combined with any model of FaroArm as a "Turnkey System", provides a user-friendly bridge between the virtual world of 3D CAD-based engineering and the physical world of the manufacturing factory floor.

Furthermore, in recognition of the steep learning curve commonly perceived to be an inevitable part of the transition to 3D digitised measurement from either 2D CAD or the use of traditional hand-held measuring instruments, each "Turnkey System" includes approved training with one of FARO UK's dedicated engineers and a standard one-year warranty.

Full product specification and user information for both FARO's complete CAM2 family of software and the company's range of FaroArm portable coordinate measuring system are available on a CD-ROM entitled "Discover FARO". To obtain your copy, simply E-mail FARO UK on: johnsonc@faro.com or alternatively Fax Catherine Johnson on: +44 (0)1926 851238.

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