Customised conveyors suit all applications

Assembly Automation

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(2000), "Customised conveyors suit all applications", Assembly Automation, Vol. 20 No. 2.



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Customised conveyors suit all applications

Customised conveyors suit all applications

Keywords: Conveyors, Accuracy

Manifold Industries has introduced a new, highly versatile range of compact precision link conveyors which can be specified to suit individual application requirements. A number of variable features within the conveyor construction enable Manifold Indexing to produce a highly accurate linear machine element, with length, motion, indexing distance and drive arrangement all capable of customisation including stainless steel links and shapes for example.

Designed to suit either over/under or carousel configurations, each conveyor features Manifold's recognised high positional accuracy for precise operation (see Plate 2). Furthermore, the addition of extra stations is easy to accommodate as the range is highly flexible and can be merged with servo control indexers to provide variable speed, indexing distance and motion profiles.

Of primary importance is length flexibility and link size, with the new range offering links in 2", 3", 4ø", 5ø" or 8" sizes to accommodate a wide range of applications. Single unit conveyor lengths are available in sizes up to six metres, with multiple units connected end-to-end if required, producing endless conveyor length options with minimum friction torque.

Plate 2Customised conveyors

Utilising Manifold expertise indexing technology for extended life and lasting accuracy, the Manifold MkI, MkII or MKIII may be used to suit the application. The range also demonstrates high speed capabilities of up to 250 indexes per minute, and is available with either mechanical or electronic indexers. Also, the addition of a line shaft arrangements enables several auxiliary mechanisms to be driven - in time with the conveyor links one single drive motor can run the whole machine, saving costs. Further special features can also include customised placers and tooling.

Once the conveyor has been fully specified, individual design detail is handled in-house, saving money for the customer, ensuring effective operation, regardless of length, link size, material or application.

For further information contact: Bob Moore, Manifold Indexing, Seymour Road, London E10 7LZ. UK. Tel: +44 (0) 208 556 1834; Fax: +44(0)208 558 6971; E-mail:

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