TV picture quality assured ... by magnetic tensioning brakes

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(2000), "TV picture quality assured ... by magnetic tensioning brakes", Assembly Automation, Vol. 20 No. 1.



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TV picture quality assured ... by magnetic tensioning brakes

TV picture quality assured ... by magnetic tensioning brakes

Keywords: Quality, Vision, Quality control

Achieving a clean, sharp television picture requires the highest level of precision and quality control in all stages of manufacture at Sony's high-tech cathode ray tube plant in Bridgend. One of the key factors which governs picture quality is the horizontal and vertical control of the electron beams that make up the colour image on screen.

Copper coils direct each colour beam to the screen and it is the precise relationship of these coils which helps provide the Sony Trinitron television with its characteristically clear picture. The exact alignment required is dependent on the precision winding of the electromagnetic coils, a task which is the responsibility of Huco's MTL precision magnet tensioning brakes (see Plate 6).

Huco's MTL brakes are used to control tension as wire is fed to an automatic winding machine. Unlike friction brakes, magnetic brakes require no maintenance and the operator has only to make periodic checks to ensure the correct wire tension is maintained. As the brakes rely on permanent magnets there is no deterioration of performance over long periods, making the winding process more reliable.

Plate 6TV picture quality at Sony's high-tech cathode ray tube plant in Bridgend is assured with Huco's MTL magnetic tensioning brakes

In operation, drag or torque is produced in the brake by rotating a hysteresis shaft assembly through a strong magnetic field produced by a multi-pole permanent magnet. The force field can be increased or decreased simply by moving one of the magnetic poles, thereby ensuring consistency of performance.

The MTL range comprises six basic models covering a variety of torques, loads, speeds and application configurations. In addition to tensioning of light gauge wire and fibre optic cable, the brakes are ideal for limiting torque on power transmission systems or rotary pay-off machines.

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