Flat actuators operate in confined spaces

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(2000), "Flat actuators operate in confined spaces", Assembly Automation, Vol. 20 No. 1. https://doi.org/10.1108/aa.2000.03320aad.001



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Flat actuators operate in confined spaces

Flat actuators operate in confined spaces

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When precise actuation is required in a limited space, pneumatic actuators are often the most effective solution. Space saving models from Bimba Manufacturing Company provide linear motion for applications with space restrictions as small as 14mm x 28.5mm. Reported to be one of the lowest profile actuators available, the Flat-I series features sturdy construction and a wide selection of models, mountings and options (see Plate 1).

Flat-I actuators offer eight bore sizes from 14mm to 139.5mm and standard stroke lengths up to 100mm. Basic models include double acting, spring extend, spring retract and double rod end, in both round and square head profiles. Options include magnets for solid-state position sensing, seals, lubricants, mountings, rod end fixtures and other accessories to provide maximum application flexibility, the company reports.

Plate 1Bimba's Flat series cylinder actuators operate in confined spaces

304 stainless steel bodies, anodized aluminium alloy heads, and ground and polished 303 stainless steel rods are featured throughout the range. Component parts include low friction, Buna N rubber (NBR) seals and oil-impregnated bronze bearings, all of which contribute to extended life in challenging applications, the company reports.

Model variations

Where rotation must be eliminated, the Flat-II series utilizes dual rods to maintain orientation, and are available with round or square head profile to simplify mounting. The Flat-II is available in four bore sizes from 19mm through 50mm with strokes through 100mm as standard.

When greater force is required, the FM2, FM3 and FM4 models utilize multiple pistons working together to generate up to four times the output force of a single actuator. The largest (FM4) will generate more than 18,000N output force at six bar, the company reports.

The FMP is a multiple position design featuring three discrete stroke positions, and is available in the eight bore sizes of the Flat-I series with many of the same options.

The Bimba Manufacturing Company, based in Monee, Illinois, USA, manufactures a full range of pneumatic actuators. The company has four, modern manufacturing facilities in the USA and one in the UK. Each maintains a full inventory to provide quick support to more than 130 distributers worldwide. To assist design engineers, CAD drawings are available for downloading from Bimba's Web site at www.bimba.com

For more information contact: William Kokum, Bimba Manufacturing Company, Monee, IL 60449-0068, USA. Tel: +1 708 534 8544; Fax: +1 708 534 5767.

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