Deeco's industrial embedded computer

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Deeco's industrial embedded computer

Deeco's industrial embedded computer

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Deeco, a business of LucasVarity, has introduced the EM-C031 workstation, an embedded computer module for OEMs and system integrators. The workstation includes a 10.4in. active matrix TFT colour LCD display, supporting 256K colours with 640 × 480 resolution (see Plate 10).

The embedded workstation provides a turnkey solution for a compact and fully integrated operator interface. Deeco provides all system components and upgrades needed, including operating system software, for plug-and-play installation.

The EM-C031 embedded computer module is specially designed for harsh factory conditions and heavy user interface. All components are specified and assembled for rugged applications where shock and vibration, high EMI and wide variations in temperature may occur.

The system's single board computer accepts Pentium MMX-class CPUs up to 266Mhz processor speeds, and is designed to accept L2 pipeline burst mode cache SRAM, up to 64MB of fast EDO SIMM memory, and has a semiconductor Flash IDE disk drive option. The base unit can accept five PC/104 cards without the addition of an expansion chassis. The backplane expansion allows a two-slot passive backplane with two ISA slots that can be used in conjunction with one PC/104 slot. The EM-C031 is also available with Ethernet, 10BASE-T and 10BASE-2.

Plate 10 Deeco's industrial embedded computer

Three 10.4in. flat panel display options are available on the ST-C231: a colour AMTFT (120 nits typ) display, a colour AMTFT High Bright display (300 nits typ), and a colour AMTFT Sunlight display (750 nits typ). The viewing area on each display is 8.315in. × 6.236in.

The EM-C031 features Deeco's SealTouch infrared (IR) touch screen system, which includes an X-Y co-ordinate array of IR LED's and photoreceptors and a controller board with an on-board logic. The SealTouch system allows users to interface directly with the display by means of a finger or pointer; a keyboard or mouse is not required to access or enter data, call up screens or control the computer.

The EM-C031 is available with Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Windows NT for Workstations operating system software. Mouse drivers for these and other operating systems are available when ordering a complete system or can be downloaded free from the Deeco systems Web site (

Deeco computer systems are designed to operate reliably under harsh operating conditions, and are built to handle hose-down, dust and debris; the systems are also resistant to shock (10g, 11mS) and vibration (1.5 p-p), high EMI, and the wide range of temperatures (0° to + 50°C) found in an industrial environment.

The EM-C031 workstation starts at $1,470, in quantity.

Lucas Control Systems' world headquarters are located in Hampton, Virginia, USA. The company's Deeco European operations are located in Werstrasse 8, D-73240 Wendlingen, Germany.

For further information contact: Thomas Kramer, Lucas Control Systems. Tel: +49 7024 971214; Tel: +49 7024 971240.

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