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Augmented reality for the treatment of arachnophobia: exposure therapy

Julio Ore (Universidad Nacional de Cañete, San Vicente de Canete, Peru)
Alex Pacheco (Universidad Nacional de Cañete, San Vicente de Canete, Peru)
Edwin Roque (Universidad Nacional de Cañete, San Vicente de Canete, Peru)
Andy Reyes (Open Nova IT Consulting, Lima, Peru)
Liz Pacheco (Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru)

World Journal of Engineering

ISSN: 1708-5284

Article publication date: 7 December 2020

Issue publication date: 29 July 2021



People who suffer from phobias try to avoid a specific object or feared situation by creating a great obstacle that causes serious consequences in their daily life; the most effective way to deal with a phobia is through exposure therapy, which according to one of the most important principles of psychology states that to overcome a fear you have to face it. The purpose of this paper is to develop a mobile application based on augmented reality (AR) for the treatment of spider phobia (Araneae).


The application development methodology was divided into two phases: design where sketches were made according to functional requirements, and the client server model was used for user queries and the development phase where the modules for the information of the phobia; and visualization of the arachnid in different morphological forms was implemented through the development tools.


The findings of this study, in this sense, state that it was possible to overcome the phobia in an essential way by ceasing to perceive harmless things as dangerous, helping them to manage stress and keep them under control.


Allowing to face their fears in support of existing therapeutic processes through images with progressively AR, being an innovative and accessible treatment from an economic, technological and professional point of view.



The authors would like to specially thank the National University of Cañete, the Research Group on Entrepreneurship and Innovation C@ñeteLab, its great Professors, valuable students and collaborators for carrying out this scientific article throughout these years of study. The authors would also like to acknowledge their mentor, Systems Engineer, Alex Pacheco.


Ore, J., Pacheco, A., Roque, E., Reyes, A. and Pacheco, L. (2021), "Augmented reality for the treatment of arachnophobia: exposure therapy", World Journal of Engineering, Vol. 18 No. 4, pp. 566-572.



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