Global perspectives

Gary Winship (University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK)

Therapeutic Communities: The International Journal of Therapeutic Communities

ISSN: 0964-1866

Article publication date: 11 December 2017


Winship, G. (2017), "Global perspectives", Therapeutic Communities: The International Journal of Therapeutic Communities, Vol. 38 No. 4, pp. 201-201.



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Global perspectives

This current edition of the journal has the final paper for this year. We have reached the ceiling of space allocated to us by the publisher for the year, and this rather shorter current edition is offset against the extended special that celebrated and reflected on the work of Eric Broekaert. Alongside the excellent paper by Jenelle Clarke, we have end of year reports from the representatives of the four leading TC organizations in across the globe. Lynne Magor-Blatch reporting from Australasia, Kevin Gallagher from the UK, Rowdy Yates from Europe and Rod Mullen and Naya Arbiter from the Americas. It is interesting for us to look across the TC world and consider the shared challenges that we face; hard times and bright spots might be something of a cohering motif that comes to mind. This is the first time the journal has had a global editorial view like this, and I hope that we can build international momentum for TC practice and research going forward. A global focus is necessary for several reasons, not least the strength of any journal these days relies on international reach. But most importantly there is so much we can learn from colleagues from elsewhere. Next year, we will have a refreshed editorial board that reflects the global aims for TC evolution with receiving editors for each continent. I am currently in Moscow meeting TC colleagues and I hope that we will soon also have a receiving editor for Russian-speaking countries.