Let's stop talking about change

Strategic HR Review

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Article publication date: 21 August 2019

Issue publication date: 21 August 2019



Bajer, J. (2019), "Let's stop talking about change", Strategic HR Review, Vol. 18 No. 4, pp. 141-141. https://doi.org/10.1108/SHR-08-2019-166



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Let‘s stop talking about change

Because change is no longer a process.

Because the “A to B” metaphor doesn’t work anymore.

Because we don’t have a stable A to depart from.

Because we don’t even have a clear B to get to.

Thinking of “change” as a journey is starting to sound very “eighties”. The idea that we could follow a predictable path that ends in a place that we can recognise and prepare for, is just ludicrous. Despite of this, many organisations still spend vast amounts of money “managing change”. They appoint teams with the impossible task of describing the status quo, reducing it into concepts that can fit inside a few slides. Substantial energy is spent trying to “engage” busy workforces in the creation of definitions of the desired end-state. Most projects are later abandoned or quietly replaced by new and even more promising change initiatives.

Organisations that adapt and even shape their environments don’t really rely on change programs. Instead, they share a strong and relentless focus on what matters the most (i.e. delivering value to customers) and continuously align everything they do against that purpose.

In the current issue of Strategic HR Review, we tried to bring to you, very different perspectives around the management of change. Of course, it is now up to you to dig in and look for inspiration, drawing from best practices.

Whatever you do, make sure your organisation does not spend too much time “’talking” about change; instead, use that energy on purpose.

Enjoy the read,

Dr Javier Bajer


Strategic HR Review


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