Competitive horizons

Strategic Direction

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Article publication date: 10 July 2017



(2017), "Competitive horizons", Strategic Direction, Vol. 33 No. 7, pp. 38-39.



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Innovation move to boost Irish meat industry

The Government in Ireland has formed a new industry-led research base to help advance meat processing in the country, a report published by points out. Meat Technology Ireland (MTI) has been launched in an attempt to better align the meat industry with various universities and other research institutions to develop the technologies that will create new jobs. Over €8m has been pledged toward MTI research efforts and, the government agency responsible has lauded the move in anticipation of its contribution to export growth. The report notes the importance of boosting exports amid fears that Brexit will have a negative impact on the export of Irish agricultural products to the United Kingdom (UK), its main market.

Ask creative interview questions to find the most ideal recruits

Job interviews tend to follow similar patterns to identify whether or not an applicant has appropriate qualifications, skills, and experience. However, according to an article published by, questions rarely reveal enough about a candidate. Therefore, firms should be more imaginative in the way that interviews are conducted. Applicants might, for instance, be asked how they would calm down an angry customer or co-worker. This could indicate whether or not a person would be capable of handling situations that are unpredictable or stressful. Asking someone to give an example of when they have failed can be equally insightful. Failure is not the main issue here. Their ability to deal with it and learn from the experience is more significant. Finding out how an individual defines success can be valuable, as this indicates their values and priorities. Businesses often need to adapt, as the customer needs to evolve. Therefore, interviewers might also ask a candidate about their response to being given different responsibilities. Finally, the report suggests that questioning someone about what has made them proud at work helps to understand aspects of their character. Taking this approach to interviewing enables organizations to create a more in-depth profile of prospective employees and helps ascertain their fit with the job and company culture.

Does cloud have a silver lining?

Many small businesses are eager to embrace cloud computing. Frequently, it is viewed as an efficient and cost-effective means of IT management. However, as a report published by points out, there are several potential disadvantages to consider. For a start, cloud is not suitable for all applications. One example is the software used for video editing and graphic design. High-spec desktop computers are necessary in these situations. Then there is internet reliability to think about. Too great a dependence on cloud guarantees that connection outages can have serious implication for business. Security is an obvious issue too. Many cloud vendors claim to have the latest data protection systems in place, but any security breach can have disastrous consequences given that cloud data is accessible from anywhere online. The report additionally notes that the cost-effectiveness of cloud computing can be comprised if a firm has to pay extra for additional features. In certain situations, desktop software can work out as a much cheaper option. Limited flexibility and mediocre customer support are other potential concerns of some cloud users. A more extensive support is sometimes available but cost is once again the issue.

The economy in Tanzania

According to Tanzanian Government, the economic growth of the country is predicted to reach 8.2 per cent by 2019. Reaching this target will be a significant step toward Tanzania’s aims of achieving middle-income status by 2025. However, the World Bank (WB) believes that certain steps are necessary for this to transpire. Tanzania is advised to continue with its prudent monetary policy that is helping growth through control of inflation. As reported, the global financial institution additionally recommends that the business environment has transformed to better support private sector interests. Among the measures suggested are improving access to affordable finance, simplification of taxes and regulations, and enhancements to training and education to increase the number of skilled workers. Greater investment to boost the infrastructure is likewise urged. Particular attention is needed in the areas of energy and transport so that the power supply in Tanzania and its road and rail networks become more reliable. Such measures can help create more jobs, reduce poverty, and encourage greater investment.

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