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Future–Present Learning and Teaching: A Case Study in Smart Learning

Pen Lister (University of Malta)

Changing the Conventional University Classroom

ISBN: 978-1-80043-261-1, eISBN: 978-1-80043-260-4

Publication date: 1 August 2022


This chapter examines the teaching practice of the author in the Faculty of Education, University of Malta, taking sessions in smart learning as part of technology-enhanced learning (TEL) study units in Bachelors of Education and Masters in Teaching and Learning degree programs between 2017 and 2019. My teaching sessions ran concurrent with undertaking separate doctoral research investigating how participants experience “smart learning journeys.” Smart learning journeys in the research were conceptualized as real-world journeys, with geo-spatially relevant points of interest forming a journey of locations related to a topic of learning, providing context-aware content via digital interactions. Research was not connected to teaching practice, though students who took TEL units also participated in the same smart learning journey activity as part of their syllabus.

Though teaching sessions were not part of my research, my classroom practice modified as a result of emerging research findings, and my teaching benefited as I gained deeper understanding about smart learning activities and the role of the learner in them. Using dialogic learning methods and techniques inspired from my research interview methodology, class sessions became noticeably more effective as students engaged directly in discovering their own learning from having participated in the smart learning journey.



Lister, P. (2022), "Future–Present Learning and Teaching: A Case Study in Smart Learning", Sengupta, E. and Blessinger, P. (Ed.) Changing the Conventional University Classroom (Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning, Vol. 44), Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 61-79.



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