Experiencing Persian Heritage

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Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice

Volume 10

Experiencing Persian Heritage

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Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice

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Jafar Jafari

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Recognizing the increasing gap between what is researched in academic community and what is practiced in industry, this series aims to bring together academic and industry leaders in their respective fields to discuss, exchange, and debate issues critical to the advancement of tourism. The book series intends to not only create a platform for academics and practitioners to share theories and practices with each other, but more importantly, to serve as a collaborative venue for meaningful synthesis.

Each volume will feature a distinct theme by focusing on a current or upcoming niche or ‘‘hot’’ topic. It shows how theories and practices inform each other; how both have evolved, advanced, and been applied; and how industry best practices have benefited from, and contributed to, theoretical developments. Volume editors have both strong academic credentials and significant consulting or other industry engagement experiences. Chapter contributors will be identified through professional conferences and trade conventions. In general, the book series seeks a synergy of how concepts can inform actions, and vice versa. The book series will inspire a new generation of researchers who can translate academic discoveries to deliverable results valuable to practitioners.

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Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice

Volume 10

Experiencing Persian Heritage: Perspectives and Challenges



University of Algarve and Universidade Europeia, Portugal


Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey


Polytechnic Institute of Beja, Portugal

United Kingdom – North America – Japan – India – Malaysia – China

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The editors would like to acknowledge the fruitful contributions of authors and reviewers of this volume, published in the Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice book series. The following pages represent the efforts of 40 authors, three editors, and 15 reviewers. These researchers and scholars from around the world together guarantee the value of this publication. The second assurance is the quality of the contributions, with a rigorous review process used to shape the book as the third. The fourth guarantee refers to the geography of the contributions. This book is comprised of chapters authored by scholars from Europe, Oceania, America, and Asia. This suggest that Persian civilization and the Iranian hospitality and tourism industry are studied all over the world.

As expression of our gratitude, this book is dedicated to all who have contributed to its making and shaping, authors and reviewers in particular.

Antónia Correia

Metin Kozak

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Introduction Sociocultural Contexts
Part I Contextual Setting
Chapter 1 Tourism in Iran A Political Economy Perspective
Part II Taxonomies and Typologies of Cultural and Heritage Tourism
Chapter 2 Heritage Tourism in Iran A Historical Perspective
Chapter 3 Encounters with Iranian Culture A Critical Incident Approach in Tourism
Chapter 4 Intangible Cultural Heritage in Tourism Strategy Insights from Iran
Part III Visitors’ Perceptions of Heritage Setting and Cultural Attractions
Chapter 5 Savoring Persian Travel Analyzing Iranian Tourists’ Memories
Chapter 6 Host–Guest Relations Cultural Tourists in Iran
Chapter 7 Kandovan Troglodyte Village A Functioning Cultural Heritage Experience
Chapter 8 Effects of Museum Visits on Adolescents’ Motivations and Satisfaction
Part IV Emerging Means of Promotion and Management
Chapter 9 The Meaning of Hospitality in Iran
Chapter 10 A Textual and Visual-based Exposition of Iran as a Destination
Chapter 11 Social Media and Hotels in Iran Online Reputation of Hotels on
Chapter 12 Authenticity and Innovation The Future of Tourism in Iran
Part V Image of Iran and Competitive Positioning
Chapter 13 The Impact of Branding on Tourists’ Satisfaction and Loyalty in Iran
Chapter 14 Tourist Satisfaction and Destination Loyalty in Heritage Sites of Shiraz, Iran
Chapter 15 Residents’ Apathy and Heritage Tourism Development
Chapter 16 A Holistic Analysis of the Second-home Tourism Impacts in the Caspian Sea Region of Iran From Host Communities’ Perspective
Chapter 17 Islamic and Halal Tourism in Iran Toward New Horizons
Conclusion The Agenda for the Future of Tourism in Iran
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