Multinational Enterprises, Markets and Institutional Diversity

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Publication date: 25 October 2014


(2014), "Dedication", Multinational Enterprises, Markets and Institutional Diversity (Progress in International Business Research, Vol. 9), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. xiii-xiv.



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This research volume is dedicated to Daniël Van Den Bulcke, professor emeritus of international business (IB), who passed away on January 8th, 2014. He was 74 years old.

Daniël or Danny Van Den Bulcke was a beloved member of the University of Antwerp. He served this institution as a faculty member from 1985 to 2004, and remained actively engaged with the university and the IB research and teaching community after his retirement until his sudden passing.

Danny will be remembered for his thoughtful and principled leadership, as well as his warm persona. He was a renowned academic expert in IB and highly respected among his peers for his many contributions to the intellectual development of the field.

Danny was a pioneer of IB research and teaching in the Benelux and beyond. He taught at no less than ten Belgian institutes and universities, including the Universities of Leuven, Ghent, Limburg, Brussels and of course Antwerp. At the University of Antwerp, he lectured at the Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB), the Faculty of Applied Economics, the Institute of Transport and Maritime Management (ITMMA) and the Antwerp Management School (AMS). He was also a visiting professor at five Dutch universities, and instrumental in establishing IB research and teaching in Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, the Philippines, Poland, Thailand, and Vietnam. Many of his students from across the world kept in touch with him long after their graduation.

During his career, Danny authored many books and articles, all of these addressing the subject matter of this research volume, namely multinational enterprises, markets and institutional diversity. He was often one of the very first researchers to address emerging issues in international business - mostly at the request of public policy institutions, including the United Nations, the European Centre for the Study and Information on Multinationals, the International Labour Organisation and the Belgian Ministry of Economic Affairs. He also ran a large number of education-based, international development projects in countries such as Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, China, Madagascar, Laos, the Philippines, Rwanda, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam. He was awarded the Sanqin Prize by the Shaanxi Province in China and the Friendship Prize by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Experts for his many contributions to the educational development of Chinese universities.

He will be remembered by most as a founding father and the Chairman of the European International Business Academy (EIBA), which he ran for many years. He was also Vice-President of the Academy of International Business (AIB) and a Fellow of both EIBA and AIB. During each EIBA yearly conference, he was the friendly host of every new face attending the event, and he deeply influenced many future IB scholars through the doctoral tutorials he organized from 1987 until 2004.

During his long and distinguished career, Danny traveled the world many times over and developed deep friendships with numerous people around the globe. He truly embodied the belief that increased international exchange can make the world a better place, and he did make it a better one.

Danny is survived by his wife, two daughters, and five grandchildren.

Multinational Enterprises, Markets and Institutional Diversity
Progress in International Business Research
Multinational Enterprises, Markets and Institutional Diversity
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Chapter 1 New Analysis of Multinational Enterprises and Their Linkages with Markets and Institutional Diversity
Chapter 2 Internalization Theory and the Governance of the Global Factory
Chapter 3 Considering the Local Partner. A Two-Sided Perspective on Transaction Costs During Market Entry
Chapter 4 Selling to Chinese Firms: A Seller’s Perspective. Empirical Evidence from the German Automotive Industry
Chapter 5 What Best Explains the Success of Cross-border Technology Transfers in MNCs: Traditional Coordination Instruments or Modern Management Concepts?
Chapter 6 Perceptions Versus National-Level Differences: A Mediating Model of Psychic Distance
Chapter 7 FDI and Institutions: Formal and Informal Institutions
Chapter 8 Is Distance the Same Across Cultures? A Measurement-Equivalence Perspective on the Cultural Distance Paradox
Chapter 9 Culture and a Cascading Model of Emotional Intelligence: An Exploratory Analysis
Chapter 10 Micropolitical Behavior in the Multinational Enterprise: A Language Perspective
Chapter 11 Impact of Outward Foreign Direct Investment Promotion Policy: Evidence from Newly Industrialized, Emerging, and Developing Asian Economies
Chapter 12 An Exploration of Commercial Diplomacy as a Set of Facilities to Support International Business to and from Emergent Markets
Chapter 13 The Vagueness of the “Country-Specific Advantage” Construct: Which Host-CSAs Matter for Chinese OFDI?
Chapter 14 Multi-National Firms, Corruption and Innovation in Russia
Chapter 15 Strategic Asset Seeking by EMNEs: A Matter of Liabilities of Foreignness – or Outsidership?
Chapter 16 Reverse Transfer of HRM Practices from Emerging Market Subsidiaries: Organizational and Country-Level Influences
Chapter 17 Facing Discrimination by Host Country Nationals – Emerging Market Multinational Enterprises in Developed Markets
Chapter 18 The Performance Logic of International Diversification
Chapter 19 Chinese MNCs: An Overview of the Current State of Research