Authenticity & Tourism

ISBN: 978-1-78754-817-6, eISBN: 978-1-78754-816-9

ISSN: 1571-5043

Publication date: 14 September 2018


(2018), "Acknowledgments", Authenticity & Tourism (Tourism Social Science Series, Vol. 24), Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, p. 317.



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We feel it essential to begin the acknowledgments by recognizing the tremendous work of the authors in this collection. We tasked them to refine, expand upon, and ground the way authenticity is used in tourism research. They have certainly taken this on full force, some engaging directly with the concept’s definition, others pushing it forward with new questions and applications. We sincerely thank them for their efforts. Additionally, we extend our gratitude to Jafar Jafari, Series Editor for Emerald, for his support, collegiality, and professionalism in this process.

Jillian wishes to recognize the many, many people who challenged her thinking about authenticity over the past decade, from conversations at the pub to comments on papers to co-authored manuscripts, in no particular order: Lisa Braverman, Rebecca Clouser, Charles Greer, Ed Linenthal, Scott McCabe, Michelle Metro-Roland, Nitasha Sharma, Elizabeth Vidon – thank you all. A special thanks to Dan Knudsen, who by introducing me to a tiny pioneer village in southern Indiana encouraged me to think differently about authenticity. And, finally, Mark, your enduring patience is more than I deserve.

Elizabeth is grateful to all who have challenged and encouraged her thinking on authenticity and tourism. In no particular order, I am especially grateful for: Rebecca Lave, Ed Linenthal, Charles Greer, Lisa Cooke, Sanjay Nepal, Jarkko Saarinen, and Jillian Rickly. I am especially grateful to Dan Knudsen, who taught me everything I think I know about thinking and knowing. And finally, I am ever grateful for the support of my family – Mom, Dad, my brothers JF & Brandon, my most patient husband Philippe, and my daughter, Madison, without whose love, mirth, and joie de vivre I just don’t know what I’d do.