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Global collaboration, or the ability to collaborate with people different from ourselves or even across species, becomes increasingly important in our interconnected world to engage constructively with and across difference. As we face more complex challenges, both locally and globally, the need for the creativity and innovation made possible by diverse perspectives is only amplified. Through five stories from our work as consultants and practitioners helping organizations to collaborate, we explore the role of global leadership in collaboration during times of crisis in various sectors. We began by asking ourselves a series of questions about global collaboration that could also serve as future research directions for scholars. We argue that new forms of leadership are required in the global context where both tasks and relationship domains are characterized by high complexity. We conclude by providing insights and recommendations for global leaders to address those complexities through collaboration and help their organizations learn from their experiences in crises and beyond.



Burgstaller, A., Vercamer, B., Ottiger-Arnold, B., Mulle, C., Scherrer, D., Eyþórsdóttir, E., Manoel, F., Cohen, L., Müller, M., Imhof, M., Baeriswyl, M., Bhadharavit, M., Tshabalala, N., Clark, R., Tshabalala, R., Fayez, S., Inversini, S., Papet, S., Reis, S., Nomura, T. and Nielsen, T. (2020), "Global Collaboration in Crises", Osland, J.S., Szkudlarek, B., Mendenhall, M.E. and Reiche, B.S. (Ed.) Advances in Global Leadership (Advances in Global Leadership, Vol. 13), Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 175-203.



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