War, Peace and Organizational Ethics

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(2020), "Prelims", Schwartz, M. and Harris, H. (Ed.) War, Peace and Organizational Ethics (Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations, Vol. 23), Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. i-xiii.



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War, Peace and Organizational Ethics

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Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations

Series Editors: Michael Schwartz and Howard Harris

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Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations Volume 23

War, Peace and Organizational Ethics

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Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia


University of South Australia, Australia

United Kingdom – North America – Japan – India – Malaysia – China

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The Ethics of War and Peace
Michael Schwartz and Howard Harris
Chapter 1 Levinas and Business Ethics in the ‘War on Terror’
Peter McGhee
Chapter 2 The Ten Commandments of Working Robots in Organisations: From History to the Future of Robot Ethics, Legislation, and Management
Issam Kouatli, Rayan Kouatly and Abir Zaarour
Chapter 3 Closing the Gap Between Promises and Outcomes: How Moral Frameworks Contribute to the Realisation of United Nations Deployment Objectives
Charuka Ekanayake
Chapter 4 Visualising Success: The Wisdom of John Wooden
Jim Wishloff
Chapter 5 Rushing Fools and Wise Women: Tales for Organisations Aiming to Improve Lives
Cécile Rozuel
Chapter 6 Strong Identification, Weak Ideology, Organisational Culture or All: Unethical Pro-organisational Behaviour in India
Pratima Verma and Siddharth Mohapatra
Chapter 7 Forsaking the Mean for the Extreme: A Response to Provis
Michael Schwartz and Debra R. Comer

Editorial Advisory Board

Rowena Barrett

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Ida Berger

Harvard Business School, USA

Norman Bowie

University of Minnesota, USA

Hugh Breakey

Griffith University, Australia

M. Neil Browne

Bowling Green State University, USA

Georges Enderle

University of Notre Dame, USA

Edwin Epstein

Univ of California at Berkeley, USA

Amitai Etzioni

George Washington University, USA

Al Gini

Loyola University Chicago, USA

Kenneth E. Goodpaster

University of St Thomas, USA

Laura Pincus Hartman

Boston University, USA

Daryl Koehn

DePaul University, USA

Sandra Lynch

Univ of Notre Dame Australia, Australia

Kimball P. Marshall

Alcom State University, USA

E. Sharon Mason

Brock University, Canada

Douglas McCabe

Georgetown University, USA

Alex Michalos

University of Northern British Columbia, Canada

Barry Mitnick

University of Pittsburgh, USA

Moses Pava

Yeshiva University, USA

Mark S. Schwartz

York University, Canada

Lucy Tatman

University of Tasmania, Australia

Steven Wartick

University of Northern Iowa, USA

James S. Wishloff

University of Lethbridge, Canada

About the Authors

Debra R. Comer is the Mel Weitz Distinguished Professor in Business and Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship in the Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University. She received her BA with honors in psychology from Swarthmore College and her MA, MPhil, and PhD in organisational behaviour from Yale University. Her current research interests include ethical behaviour in organisations and management education. She is the Book/Film Review Editor of Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations.

Charuka Ekanayake is an Adjunct Member of the Law Futures Centre, Griffith University, and an Affiliated Researcher at the Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law of the same University. His research broadly focusses on the regulation of armed force in international law. He holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of London, Masters of Law from the University of Colombo and the United Nations Inter-Regional Crime and Justice Research Institute, Italy and a Doctor of Laws from Griffith University, Australia. He is enrolled as a practitioner in Sri Lanka and New South Wales, Australia.

Howard Harris teaches business and professional ethics. A chartered engineer, he worked in industry before returning to university to obtain a PhD in ethics. His thesis was on the role of courage in management decision making and he has an ongoing interest in the relevance of traditional virtues in contemporary management. He is a past president of the Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics and a joint editor of Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations.

Issam Kouatli, PhD, is currently employed by Lebanese American University in the field of Information Technology and Operations management (ITOM). He was granted PhD degree (1990) in the Engineering School in Birmingham University (UK). His main research interest includes intelligent systems in general and Fuzzy systems in specific. Inter-related Technology and IT-ethical management, performance and security of Cloud Computing concept became a recent research interest as well. He can be contacted at:

Rayan Kouatly is a Managing Partner in ‘Kouatly & Associates’, has 29 years of experience in Corporate Law, International Commercial Arbitration, Oil and Gas, and New Technologies laws with ethical complications. He was an Advisor for Lebanese Parliamentarian Committee for energy (2011–2012), and has been a Board Member of the Qatar Council of Health Practitioners. He is currently the Secretary General of the Lebanese Arbitration Center. He also acted as a Lecturer on International Commercial Arbitration and a speaker at several international and national symposiums on Oil and Gas, PPP, Franchise, and other different Legal Topics.

Peter McGhee is a Senior Lecturer in Business Ethics and Sustainability at Auckland University of Technology (AUT). His research interests include religion/spirituality at work, business ethics, virtue ethics and sustainability education. He has undertaken research on spirituality and ethical decision-making, ethical leadership and corporate governance. His work has been published in the Journal of Business Ethics, Business Ethics: A European Review, Business and Professional Ethics Journal, Social Responsibility Journal and the Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion. In addition to this, he has published several chapters in various handbooks and encyclopaedias in the areas of spirituality/religion at work and business ethics.

Siddharth Mohapatra has a PhD in business and management from the Ca’Foscari University, Venice, Italy. He has more than 17 years of experience in the for-profit, non-profit and educational sectors. He is currently serving as a Director in MiraSid (Pty) Ltd. His profession encompasses sustainable supply chain management, corporate social responsibility, managing the millennial workforce and professional ethics. He can be reached at:

Cécile Rozuel is an Assistant Professor in Transformative Leadership and Spirituality at Saint Paul University, Ottawa, ON, Canada. Her research seeks to understand how individuals and communities can foster well-being in creative and inclusive ways. Drawing from C. G. Jung’s Analytical Psychology, she explores the conscious and unconscious dynamics of the psyche of individuals and organisations to make sense of archetypal patterns and developmental possibilities. Her work has focussed on ethics and the self, the meaningfulness of alchemy, workplace well-being, as well as the moral and psychological value of imagination and storytelling.

Michael Schwartz is an Associate Professor of business ethics in the School of Economics, Finance & Marketing at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He is a past president of the Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics. He is a Member of the editorial boards of the Ramon Llull Journal of Applied Ethics and the Journal of International Business & Law; and a joint editor of Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations.

Pratima Verma (Alliance University, Bangalore) is an ex-research fellow from the Stockholm University School of Business, Sweden. She has nearly 20 years of experience in the educational and consulting sectors. She is currently serving as a Professor in Alliance University, Bangalore. She teaches and undertakes research in the fields of human resource management, industrial psychology, business ethics, sustainability and value-based leadership. She can be reached at: &

Jim Wishloff is an Associate Professor and an award winning teacher at the University of Lethbridge in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He has a BSc (Engineering) and an MBA from the University of Alberta and a PhD from Case Western Reserve University. His publications include articles in the Journal of Business Ethics, the Journal of Religion and Business Ethics, the Journal of Business Ethics Education, Teaching Business Ethics, the Review of Business, the Journal of Markets & Morality, Solidarity: The Journal of Catholic Social Thought and Secular Ethics and the Social Justice Review.

Abir Zaarour is a legal Attorney employed by ‘Kouatly & Associates’ - An honor graduate of Bachelor of Laws from Lebanese University, handling day-by-day operations in corporate legal aspects in different sectors of criminal and civil cases and experienced in Labor Law, Real-Estate Law, Telecommunication Law, Advanced Technology laws, AI and Robotics inter-related laws and ethics. Main research interests are in the field of e-commerce and e-signature laws.

List of Contributors

Debra R. Comer Zarb School of Business, USA
Charuka Ekanayake Griffith University, Australia
Howard Harris University of South Australia, Australia
Issam Kouatli Lebanese American University (LAU), Lebanon
Rayan Kouatly Kouatly & Associates Attorneys, Lebanon
Peter McGhee Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
Siddharth Mohapatra MiraSid Pyt Ltd, South Africa
Cécile Rozuel Saint Paul University, Canada
Michael Schwartz School of Economics, Finance & Marketing, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
Pratima Verma Alliance University, India
Jim Wishloff The University of Lethbridge, Canada
Abir Zaarour Kouatly & Associates Attorneys, Lebanon