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Research in Consumer Behavior

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Publication date: 22 November 2012

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(2012), "List of Contributors", Belk, R.W., Askegaard, S. and Scott, L. (Ed.) Research in Consumer Behavior (Research in Consumer Behavior, Vol. 14), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. ix-xi.



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Research in Consumer Behavior
Research in Consumer Behavior
Research in Consumer Behavior
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List of Contributors
Consumer Culture Theory: The Seven Year Itch
Broader, Closer, Sweeter: First CCT Presidential Address
Ideological Outcomes of Marketing Practices: A Critical Historical Analysis of Child Sponsorship Programs
Gifts and Gifting in Online Communities
When Online Recycling Enables Givers to Escape the Tensions of the Gift Economy
Traversing the Matriarch's Domain: How Young Men Negotiate the Feminized Space of Fashion Consumption and Self-Presentation
The Unspoken Truth: A Phenomenological Study of Changes in Women's Sense of Self and the Intimate Relationship with Cosmetics Consumption
Sharing the Meal: Food Consumption and Family Identity
‘Your Life When You’ve Got Everything is Different’: Forced Transformations and Consumption Practices
Attachment to Digital Virtual Possessions in Videogames
“Doing Privacy”: Consumers Search for Sovereignty through Privacy Management Practices
A Closer Glance at the Notion of Boundaries in Acculturation Studies: Typologies, Intergenerational Divergences, and Consumer Agency
Cultural Reflexivity and the Nostalgia for Glocal Consumer Culture: Insights from a Multicultural Multiple Migration Context
Homecoming Tendencies: The Art of Preserving One's Existence in Places of Origin
Consumover Citizens and Sustainability Discourse: Practicing Consumer Agency through Moving with Commodities
Different Ways of Saying Goodbye: Outlining Three Types of Abandonment of a Product Category
Myth Busting: Living in Harmony with Nature is Less Harmonic than it Seems
Proximal and Contagious Indexicality: Unpacking the Meanings of Celebrity-Owned Objects
The Dirty Pint: Consumption Objects in Young People's Extreme Alcohol Consumption and Enactment of Self
World's Largest Metaphor Hits Iceberg: Travelling in Trope on Titanic