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1: Navigating in Stormy Waters" parent-title="Innovation in Libraries and Information Services" :mixpanel-data='{"URI":"\/content\/doi\/10.1108\/S0732-067120160000035013\/full\/html","Format":"HTML","Content ID \/ DOI":"10.1108\/S0732-067120160000035013","Content Title":"The Development of Document Supply1: Navigating in Stormy Waters","Parent Title":"Innovation in Libraries and Information Services","Year Of Publication":"2016","Publication Date":"8 December 2016","Access Method":"User","Access Type":"controlled","Parent Type":"book","Parent ID \/ DOI":"10.1108\/S0732-0671201735","pISBN":"978-1-78560-731-8","eISBN":"978-1-78560-730-1","ISBN":"978-1-78560-730-1","Content Type":"segment"}' image="" content-type="book-part" parent-type="book" isbn="978-1-78560-731-8" issn="" publication-date="8 December 2016" account="" additionalaccount="" opencart_base_url="" root="/insight/" country_code="US" origin_view="outside_dropdown">

The Development of Document Supply1: Navigating in Stormy Waters

Innovation in Libraries and Information Services

ISBN: 978-1-78560-731-8, eISBN: 978-1-78560-730-1

Publication date: 8 December 2016



This chapter aims to describe the development of the interlending and document supply (DS) service over the past 30 years and to show that this service still has much to offer.


After a historical introduction, the current environment for researchers is assessed and analysed in the current context of the rapidly changing access to information.


The interlending and DS service has declined in the last 10 years owing to the dual impact of the ‘Big Deals’ and the growth in open access. However the service retains its value for providing access to the vast amounts of material that is still not freely available or is hidden behind expensive pay walls.


This is the only study that analyses the current global situation regarding the interlending and DS service.



McGrath, M. (2016), "The Development of Document Supply1: Navigating in Stormy Waters", Innovation in Libraries and Information Services (Advances in Library Administration and Organization, Vol. 35), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 103-119.



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