Preface to The Theory of Monetary Aggregation

The Theory of Monetary Aggregation

ISBN: 978-0-44450-119-6, eISBN: 978-1-84950-849-0

ISSN: 0573-8555

Publication date: 30 June 2000

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Erwin Diewert, W. (2000), "Preface to The Theory of Monetary Aggregation", Barnett, W.A. and Serletis, A. (Ed.) The Theory of Monetary Aggregation (Contributions to Economic Analysis, Vol. 245), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. xxiii-xxviii.



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Preface to The Theory of Monetary Aggregation
Editors' Introduction to Volume
Section 1.1: Overview of Part 1
The User Cost of Money
Economic Monetary Aggregates: An Application of Index Number and Aggregation Theory
The Microeconomic Theory of Monetary Aggregation
Understanding the New Divisia Monetary Aggregates
Section 2.1: Editors' Overview of Part 2
Divisia Indices
Divisia Monetary Aggregates
The Optimal Level of Monetary Aggregation
New Concepts of Aggregated Money
Section 3.1: Editors' Overview of Part 3
A Dispersion-Dependency Diagnostic Test for Aggregation Error: With Applications to Monetary Economics and Income Distribution
Exact Aggregation Under Risk
Monitoring Monetary Aggregates Under Risk Aversion
CAPM Risk Adjustment
Stochastic Volatility in Interest Rates and Nonlinearity in Velocity
A Reply to Julio J. Rotemberg
Partition of M2+ as a Joint Product: Commentary
Section 4.1: Editors' Overview of Part 4
New Indices of Money Supply and the Flexible Laurent Demand System
The New Divisia Monetary Aggregates
Consumer Theory and the Demand for Money
Section 5.1: Editors' Overview of Part 5
The Regulatory Wedge Between the Demand-Side and Supply-Side Aggregation-Theoretic Monetary Aggregates
Financial-Firm Production of Monetary Services: A Generalized Symmetric Barnett Variable-Profit-Function Approach
Financial-Firms' Production and Supply-Side Monetary Aggregation Under Dynamic Uncertainty
Estimating Policy-Invariant Deep Parameters in the Financial Sector When Risk and Growth Matter
Section 6.1: Editors' Overview of Part 6
Recent Monetary Policy and the Divisia Monetary Aggregates
Which Road Leads to Stable Money Demand?
Perspective on the Current State of Macroeconomic Theory
Section A.l: Editors' Overview of Appendix
Introduction to the St. Louis Monetary Services Index Project
Consolidated References
Index by Name
Index by Subject