Work and Labor in the Digital Age

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(2019), "Prelims", Vallas, S.P. and Kovalainen, A. (Ed.) Work and Labor in the Digital Age (Research in the Sociology of Work, Vol. 33), Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. i-x.



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Work and Labor in the Digital Age

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Research in the Sociology of Work

Series Editor: Steve P. Vallas

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Volume 1: Class Consciousness
Volume 2: Peripheral Workers
Volume 3: Unemployment
Volume 4: High Tech Work
Volume 5: The Meaning of Work
Volume 6: The Globalization of Work
Volume 7: Work and Family
Volume 8: Deviance in the Workplace
Volume 9: Marginal Employment
Volume 10: Transformation of Work
Volume 11: Labor Revitalization: Global Perspectives and New Initiatives
Volume 12: The Sociology of Job Training
Volume 13: Globalism/Localism at Work
Volume 14: Diversity in the Workforce
Volume 15: Entrepreneurship
Volume 16: Worker Participation: Current Research and Future Trends
Volume 17: Work Place Temporalities
Volume 18: Economic Sociology of Work
Volume 19: Work and Organizations in China after Thirty Years of Transition
Volume 20: Gender and Sexuality in the Workplace
Volume 21: Institutions and Entrepreneurship
Volume 22: Part 1: Comparing European Workers Part A
Part 2: Comparing European Workers Part B: Policies and Institutions
Volume 23: Religion, Work, and Inequality
Volume 24: Networks, Work, and Inequality
Volume 25: Adolescent Experiences and Adult Work Outcomes: Connections and Causes
Volume 26: Work and Family in the New Economy
Volume 27: Immigration and Work
Volume 28: A Gedenkschrift to Randy Hodson: Working with Dignity
Volume 29: Research in the Sociology of Work
Volume 30: Emerging Conceptions of Work, Management and the Labor Market
Volume 31: Precarious Work
Volume 32: Race, Identity and Work

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Research in the Sociology of Work Volume 33

Work and Labor in the Digital Age

Edited By

Steve P. Vallas

Northeastern University, USA


Anne Kovalainen

University of Turku, Finland

United Kingdom – North America – Japan India – Malaysia – China

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List of Tables and Figures vii
List of Contributors ix
Introduction: Taking Stock of the Digital Revolution
Steve P. Vallas and Anne Kovalainen
Chapter 1 Work and Value Creation in the Platform Economy
Martin Kenney and John Zysman
Chapter 2 Technology-driven Task Replacement and the Future of Employment
Jerry A. Jacobs and Rachel Karen
Chapter 3 Platforms at Work: Automated Hiring Platforms and Other New Intermediaries in the Organization of Work
Ifeoma Ajunwa and Daniel Greene
Chapter 4 Black Holes and Purple Squirrels: A Tale of Two Online Labor Markets
Steve McDonald, Amanda K. Damarin, Jenelle Lawhorne and Annika Wilcox
Chapter 5 Brave New Digital Work? New Forms of Performance Control in Crowdwork
Christine Gerber and Martin Krzywdzinski
Chapter 6 Labor Market Inclusion Through Predatory Capitalism? The “Sharing Economy,” Diversity, and the Crisis of Social Reproduction in the Belgian Coordinated Market Economy
Patrizia Zanoni
Chapter 7 Work-Games in the Gig-economy: A Case Study of Uber Drivers in the City of Monterrey, Mexico
Mariana Manriquez
Index 189

List of Tables and Figures

Chapter 1

Table 1 Labor Force Distinctions in the Platform Economy 16
Table 2 E mployment, Revenue, and Revenue per Employee at the Largest US Internet Platform Firms, 2017 21
Fig. 1 Various Sources of Income for YouTubers 31

Chapter 2

Fig. 1 Trends in Rate of Occupational Shifts, 1870–2000 (11 Major Occupational Groups) 54
Fig. 2 Rate of Occupational Change, 1870–2010, 1950 Detailed Occupational Codes 55
Fig. 3 Rate of Occupational Change, 2001–2015 56

Chapter 3

Table 1 Contemporary Work Platform Vendors, Their Functions and Firm Locations 83
Appendix Application Policies for the 2017 Fortune 500 List of Top 20 Employers in the US 90

Chapter 4

Fig. 1 Recruitment Methods by Salary/Wages 106
Fig. 2 Sourcing Passive Candidates by Organization Type 106
Table A1 Interviewee Characteristics 119

Chapter 5

Table 1 Key Figures of Platforms Interviewed 128
Table 2 Key Figures of Crowdworkers Interviewed 130
Fig. 1 Two Examples of the Coding Concept 129

Chapter 7

Table 1 Employment Trajectory of Uber Drivers in Monterrey 171
Table 2 Divergences in the Work-Games According to the Employment Trajectory of Drivers 180
Fig. 1 Valentin’s Fig. 177

List of Contributors

Ifeoma Ajunwa Cornell University, USA
Amanda K. Damarin Georgia State University - Perimeter College, USA
Christine Gerber Wisenschafterszentrum Berlin fur Sozialforschung, Germany
Daniel Greene University of Maryland, USA
Jerry A. Jacobs University of Pennsylvania, USA
Rachel Karen University of Texas, USA
Martin Kenney University of California, USA
Anne Kovalainen University of Turku, Finland
Martin Krzywdzinski Wisenschafterszentrum Berlin fur Sozialforschung, Germany
Jenelle Lawhorne North Carolina State University, USA
Mariana Manriquez University of Arizona, USA
Steve McDonald North Carolina State University, USA
Steve P. Vallas Northeastern University, USA
Annika Wilcox North Carolina State University, USA
Patrizia Zanoni Hasselt University, Belgium
John Zysman University of California, USA