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Introduction: Toward a Global Historical Sociology of Race and Racism

Global Historical Sociology of Race and Racism

ISBN: 978-1-80117-219-6, eISBN: 978-1-80117-218-9

Publication date: 30 September 2021


This volume of Political Power and Social Theory highlights ongoing conversations concerning sociological approaches to the global and historical study of race and racism. In this introduction, we discuss the challenges and promises of studying race across space and time. We emphasize that attending to race on the global scale not only improves our understanding of how race operates in current times, but also helps us better recognize how social relations of power are organized. We underscore how scholars ought to conceive of racism as central to the making of the so-called modern world. The eight papers in this volume advance this intellectual project. We consider them in conversation with one another to highlight four foundations for the global historical study of race and racism. First, the authors emphasize on-the-ground race-making. Second, they explore continuity, change, and overlapping racial orders. Third, the authors document the tensions between local dynamics and global relations, drawing attention to sites where the two meet. Fourth, the authors interrogate the relationship of modernity to the construction of race around the world. The articles in this volume are important examples of work that pushes the study of race and racism forward.




We would like to thank Julian Go for his support on this project and willingness to publish this volume. We also extend our deepest thanks to the authors who tirelessly worked to produce the chapters that make up this volume. Sharing and workshopping their chapters helped create intellectual community we hope for. Our thanks also to the Social Science History Association Conference 2019, where the authors presented these works. We express our appreciation to those who gave us feedback on this introduction, Julian Go, Marcelo Bohrt, Ricarda Hammer, Mishal Khan, Heidi Nicholls, Tina Park, Luisa Schwartzman, and Kazuko Suzuki. Finally, additional thanks to Amanda McMillan Lequieu and Daanika Gordon, who provided valuable feedback on this introduction.


Quisumbing King, K. and White, A.I.R. (2021), "Introduction: Toward a Global Historical Sociology of Race and Racism", White, A.I.R. and Quisumbing King, K. (Ed.) Global Historical Sociology of Race and Racism (Political Power and Social Theory, Vol. 38), Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 1-21.



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