Research in Social Problems and Public Policy

Government Secrecy

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Publication date: 26 January 2011

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(2011), "Research in Social Problems and Public Policy", Maret, S. (Ed.) Government Secrecy (Research in Social Problems and Public Policy, Vol. 19), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Leeds, p. ii.



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Research in Social Problems and Public Policy
Research in social problems and public policy
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List of contributors
Introduction: Government secrecy
Part I Musings on secrecy, privacy, censorship, and conspiracy
Sigmund Freud as a theorist of government secrecy
Privacy and secrecy: Public reserve and the handling of the BP Gulf oil disaster
Taxonomy of concepts related to the censorship of history
Secrecy and disclosure: Policies and consequences in the American experience
Government secrecy and conspiracy theories
Part II Government secrecy and national security
The Israeli paradox: The military censorship as a protector of the freedom of the press
National security, secrecy and the media – a British view
Project censored international: Colleges and universities validate independent news and challenge global media censorship
Operation Pedro Pan: The hidden history of 14,000 Cuban children
Part III Government secrecy: current policy
Secrecy reform or secrecy redux? Access to information in the Obama administration
Secrecy, complicity, and resistance: Political control of climate science communication under the Bush–Cheney administration
Suspicious activity reporting: U.S. domestic intelligence in a postprivacy age?
Classifying knowledge, creating secrets: Government policy for dual-use technology
Statecrafting ignorance: Strategies for managing burdens, secrecy, and conflict
Corruption, secrecy, and access-to-information legislation in Africa: A cross-national study of political institutions
Mexico's transparency reforms: Theory and practice
Part IV Government secrecy: Ethical tensions
Is open source intelligence an ethical issue?
“Open secrets”: The masked dynamics of ethical failures and administrative evil
The corrupting influence of secrecy on national policy decisions