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Academic Librarians as Informed Learning Developers

Informed Learning Applications: Insights from Research and Practice

ISBN: 978-1-78769-062-2, eISBN: 978-1-78769-061-5

Publication date: 26 August 2019


Purpose – Academic librarians are well positioned to take on the role of the informed learning developer, working with teachers to design coursework in which students learn to use information as they engage with course context. This chapter aims to provide insights to academic librarians of how they may approach integrating information literacy into courses using an informed learning approach by identifying key aspects of this collaborative work.

Methods The literature on educational development, specifically outlining the core responsibilities, activities, skills, and models used by educational developers is reviewed and key aspects are identified and applied to describe the role of a developer working with teachers to foster learning through engagement with information in higher education.

Findings – Four key aspects of the work of educational developers are identified: collaborative, scholarly, contextual, and reflective. When adapted to describe the efforts of a developer focused on creating informed learning experiences for students, the four aspects include:

  • partnering with teachers to develop informed learning experiences by leveraging the expertise of the teacher and the librarian;

  • applying an informed learning pedagogic approach, and drawing from and sharing information literacy scholarship illuminating how information is used in the learning process;

  • creating informed learning experiences that are responsive to institutional and disciplinary perspectives; and

  • encouraging teachers to reflect on their intentions for content-focused learning and how learning outcomes may be shaped through interactions with information.

Implications – Drawing upon their expertise in how learners use information, academic librarians can use the findings to concentrate their consultative efforts to effectively partner with teachers to transform student learning experiences in higher education.



Fundator, R. and Maybee, C. (2019), "Academic Librarians as Informed Learning Developers", Ranger, K.L. (Ed.) Informed Learning Applications: Insights from Research and Practice (Advances in Librarianship, Vol. 46), Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. 81-94.



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