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The anticorrosive performance of cost saving zeolites

Walaa M. Abd El-Gawad (Department of Polymers and Pigments, National Research Centre, Giza, Egypt)
Nivin M. Ahmed (Department of Polymers and Pigments, National Research Centre, Giza, Egypt)
Mohamed M. Selim (Department of Physical Chemistry, National Research Center, Dokki, Egypt)
E. Hamed (Department of Chemistry, Ain Shams University Faculty of Science, Cairo, Egypt)
Eglal R. Souaya (Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Saray El Kobba, Egypt)

Pigment & Resin Technology

ISSN: 0369-9420

Article publication date: 18 June 2019

Issue publication date: 5 July 2019




In recent years, zeolites have been highlighted as a new component in many industrial applications owing to their unique properties. The purpose of this study is to apply three prepared types of zeolites Na-X, Na-Y and hydroxysodalite (Na-HS) in anticorrosive paint formulations to be evaluated as a partial replacement to zinc phosphate in anticorrosive paint formulations to protect carbon steel.


The three types of zeolites were characterized using different instrumental analysis such as X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and X-ray fluorescence. Evaluation of zeolites was done using American society for material and testing. Then, they were incorporated in paint formulations based on medium oil-modified soya-bean dehydrated castor oil alkyd resin in the presence and absence of zinc phosphate. Their corrosion behavior was estimated using both immersion test and electrochemical impedance measurements in 3.5% NaCl.


Generally, the prepared zeolites exhibited good corrosion protection performance, but in presence of zinc phosphate the performance was better. This proves that, zeolites by themselves can resist corrosion but not efficiently, while in presence of zinc phosphate and owing to a synergistic effect between them, the performance was better. This opens the way to partial replacement of zinc phosphate with another safer and cheaper ingredient, which is zeolite.

Practical implications

The three zeolites can be applied in many industries besides the paint industry, such as reinforcing filler in rubber, plastics and ceramic composites, also can be applied in paper filling, paper coatings and electrical insulation.


The three zeolites are environmentally friendly materials that can partially replace other expensive anticorrosive pigments (e.g. zinc phosphate).



Abd El-Gawad, W.M., Ahmed, N.M., Selim, M.M., Hamed, E. and Souaya , E.R. (2019), "The anticorrosive performance of cost saving zeolites", Pigment & Resin Technology, Vol. 48 No. 4, pp. 317-328.



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