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'Deepfakes' could irreparably damage public trust

Monday, October 28, 2019


Deepfake technology.


The US Senate on October 24 passed an act that requires the Department of Homeland Security to publish a yearly report on how ‘deepfake’ technology may be used to harm national security. Deepfakes are believable digital videos, audios or photos created using artificial intelligence (AI) to portray a person saying or doing something that the person never said or did, or portraying an event as real that never took place. The level of sophistication of this technology has leapfrogged over the past two years, raising a wide spectrum of concerns.


  • A market for anti-deepfake verification technologies will emerge.
  • Lawmakers will need to define the lines between art/entertainment and malicious deepfakes.
  • Upcoming elections will be impacted by the existence of this technology.

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