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Challenges will delay global genomics sharing

Friday, June 9, 2017


Challenges for Genomic Data-Sharing in Insurance.


Genomics is the study of a complete set of DNA within a single cell of an organism and the characterisation and quantification of genes. DNA mutations can produce abnormal proteins and disrupt bodily processes, causing disease and from an insurer’s perspective, liabilities. Genomic data could offer some predictive capacity for insurers providing cover against life and health risks. However, an individual’s genomic data is their property. Understanding the conditions under which an individual would share this is an important question for insurers as well as regulatory institutions.


  • By 2030, the mortality burden for non-communicable disease is projected to rise to 80%, far outstripping the communicable diseases rate.
  • A sophisticated online criminal market facilitates cybercrime innovation and specialisation and this market is likely to continue to grow.
  • Indeed, though the potential for genomic data in insurance is high, cybercrime may hinder the collection and usage of this data.

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