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Imprisoned mayor could undermine Senegal’s president

Monday, April 24, 2017


Khalifa Sall is currently in jail on remand, accused of embezzlement. His supporters claim the case is politically motivated on the part of President Macky Sall (no relation), who fears a challenge from the mayor in July's legislative elections and the 2019 presidential elections. The mayor’s individual political strategy has encountered resistance from the leadership of his own party, the Socialist Party (PS), who remain loyal to the ruling coalition headed by the incumbent.


  • If convicted, Khalifa Sall could lose the right to hold elected office as mayor or potentially a member of parliament.
  • A strong showing from the mayor's allies could see the governing BBY alliance suffer significant losses in the legislative elections.
  • The influential leader of the Tidianes religious brotherhood could prove crucial to calming political tensions.

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