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Interpretation of Aesthetics Landscape Design Under the Literary Artistic Conception of “Daguanyuan”

Xuan Wang (Institute of Art Design, Changsha University, Changsha, Hunan, 410022, China)

Open House International

ISSN: 0168-2601

Article publication date: 1 September 2019



In order to find a way to create the artistic conception of modern landscape space, the spatial analysis of Daguanyuan is carried out from the perspective of literature in order to find out the method of creating the artistic conception of modern landscape space. Adopting the method of general to special, from theory to practice, the argument with special significance is analyzed from the most common phenomena, and this argument is applied to the method of practical cases. The results show that Daguanyuan space in literature needs the audience's ability to understand words, the perception of space in film and television needs the audience's strong memory and imaginative thinking, while the perception of Daguanyuan space in garden art needs only basic discrimination ability. After analyzing the effect of Daguanyuan space construction from the literary perspective, it is believed that the writing techniques of starting point - development - climax - ending, wanting to carry forward first and restraining first, and reserving foreshadows in literature can be used for reference in modern landscape design.



Wang, X. (2019), "Interpretation of Aesthetics Landscape Design Under the Literary Artistic Conception of “Daguanyuan”", Open House International, Vol. 44 No. 3, pp. 48-51.



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