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Study on the quality improvement on black land in Northeast China under the environment of sustainable agricultural development

Yun Teng (Center for Post-doctoral Studies of Agricultural and Forestry Economic Management, School of Engineering, Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin, China)
Boyuan Pang (Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin, China)
Xiangyu Guo (Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin, China)


ISSN: 0368-492X

Article publication date: 13 December 2021

Issue publication date: 3 March 2023




The authors are committed to providing the Chinese government with a foundation for making decisions that will protect black land and ensure long-term agricultural development.


Using the grounded theory approach, this study investigates the influencing factors affecting the quality of black land in Northeast China and proposes a hypothetical model for the mechanism of the influencing factors on the quality of black land in Northeast China.


The factors influencing the quality of black land include not only soil quality, ecological quality and environmental quality, but also economic quality and management quality, and can be classified into five categories. There are complex influence relationships between various factors and black land quality, with soil quality, ecological quality, environmental quality and management quality having a positive influence on economic quality. Soil quality, ecological quality and environmental quality are all improved as a result of good management. Black land quality is influenced positively by environmental quality, economic quality and management quality.

Research limitations/implications

The quality of black land is a major concern in terms of food production and long-term agricultural development. The black land in Northeast China was chosen as the subject of this study, and the research findings have some limitations. The next step will be to expand from studying the black land in Northeast China to the black land worldwide.


In Northeast China, the quality of the five dimensions of black land must be improved in a coordinated and consistent manner.



This study was funded by the “Research on the Mechanism of the Influence of the Management Factors of the Canonical Form Farmer Specialized Cooperatives on the Transition in Farmer Safety Production Behavior, grant number LBH-Z17018,” A general project of The National Social Science Fund of China “Research on the Connection Path of Small Farmers and Modern Agriculture from the Perspective of Organizationalization and Marketization grant number 20BJY135,” “Production Behavior Based on the Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products: Influencing Factors, Co-governing Mechanisms and Guiding Strategies, grant number 18YJC630162,” “Young Talents of Northeast Agricultural University, grant number 20XG07” and “The Open Project of the Key Laboratory of Modern Agricultural Equipment and Technology in the Northern Cold Region, grant number KF18-01,” and A general project of Heilongjiang Province Philosophy and Social Science Research Planning Project “Research on Multiple Dynamic Mechanisms and Optimization Strategies of Black Soil Protection in Northeast China Based on Total Quality Management and Marketization grant number 21JYD273.”

Conflicts of interest: Authors have no conflict of interest to declare.


Teng, Y., Pang, B. and Guo, X. (2023), "Study on the quality improvement on black land in Northeast China under the environment of sustainable agricultural development", Kybernetes, Vol. 52 No. 3, pp. 809-827.



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