Editorial: Passion: an entrepreneurial constant

Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development

ISSN: 1462-6004

Article publication date: 18 October 2022

Issue publication date: 18 October 2022



Murphy, P.J. (2022), "Editorial: Passion: an entrepreneurial constant", Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, Vol. 29 No. 7, pp. 993-993. https://doi.org/10.1108/JSBED-11-2022-476



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Entrepreneurship is a force of human nature. Entrepreneurial actions are often laden with irrationality, audacity, swagger, naïveté, values, ethics and other implicitly human characteristics. At a personal level, these elements fill the practical and temporal gap between an imagined future and what is currently real for an aspiring entrepreneur. Over time, human nature integrates the gap between imagination and reality. Passion is the foundation of such implicitly human characteristics, elements, and phenomena. It is the dynamic and objective force of one person that other people can sense and feel. In the entrepreneurial life, passion serves as a personal and social constant across one's entrepreneurial journeys.

As an entrepreneurial force becomes an entrepreneurial project, an entrepreneurial venture, and beyond, passion becomes evolutionary. It is helpful for scholars to understand the concept of evolution at a deeper level when using it to explain entrepreneurship. To evolve means literally to unroll. The phenomenon of entrepreneurial becoming thus manifests elements always present from the beginning, but in different forms. When elements are evolutionary, they are not wholly new. Embedded in the entrepreneurial fabric as such, a tapestry of implicitly human characteristics emerges in the form of a venture's culture, relationships and alliances, operating assumptions, and patterns of performance over time. The richer the tapestry, the greater the entrepreneurial potential. Passion, an entrepreneurial constant, provides the enrichment. It is a very special source of power.

At JSBED, we receive many submissions each year from all over the world. We aim to publish the very best research from among these submissions. We serve our aim with intentional review processes designed to help the submitted research evolve into its fullest potential. These days, much of the entrepreneurship literature examines entrepreneurial passion. Whereas we endeavor to publish the very best research on the passion of entrepreneurs, I wish to share a related message for entrepreneurship scholars in this editorial.

Our editorial team places a high value on the passion of entrepreneurship scholars, and how that passion manifests in the research they submit to JSBED. Just like in the entrepreneurial life, performance in academic life also benefits greatly from passion. We welcome papers that are a bit irrational, have swagger, are a little naïve, are values and ethics-laden, and reflective of the implicitly human characteristics of individual authors.

If one's work is not personal, then it can still be good work. However, it cannot be truly excellent work. To be excellent, it must be personal, and one's work cannot be personal without passion. Whether one is an entrepreneur or a scholar, passion enriches one's work with powerful energies and inimitable qualities of excellence. Ones with strong passion always make the largest, most lasting impact with their work. We look for evidence of such passion in the work we review. The quality of the work we have reviewed this year has been very strong indeed. Please continue to send your very best entrepreneurship research to JSBED.

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