New year promises strong growth for the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing

Debra Zahay (Dunham School of Business, Aurora University, Aurora, Illinois, USA)

Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing

ISSN: 2040-7122

Article publication date: 9 March 2015


Zahay, D. (2015), "New year promises strong growth for the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing", Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, Vol. 9 No. 1.



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New year promises strong growth for the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing

Article Type: Editorial From: Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, Volume 9, Issue 1

Welcome to a new year and a new volume of the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing. If you want to know how to say it, we on the board have been pronouncing the acronym of the title as J-RIM, so I thought we should start off the year clarifying this title. The journal continues on an upward trajectory, with paid downloads having increased by 39 per cent over 2013 versus 2014 (Figure 1). If only the sputtering world economy had our growth numbers, there would only be the joyful problem of managing rapid growth. I thank the board for their hard work and most of all, our authors, for their contributions to the journal. We had our first-ever global meeting of the Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) at the Marketing EDGE conference in San Diego in October of 2014. EAB members participated both in person and via audio conference call across continents to shape our strategy for the coming months. It is a real blessing to have the insights from scholars across the globe in shaping our future and a reminder that our contributors continue to be international as well.

Figure 1. Growth in downloads of articles at JRIM August YTD 2013 vs 2014 (39 per cent overall increase)

The next year or so will see more emphasis on high-impact special issues and invited pieces by leading authors in our discipline. Please provide any suggestions for either a special issue or an invited piece directly to me or one of our Associate Editors. For 2015, these AEs are: Asia: Hugh Pattinson and Sung-joon Yoon; Europe: Anita Radon and Qing Wang; and The Americas: Carlos Alfredo Rosales and Kesha Coker. More contact information may be found on our website.

Now, we move on to discussing the contents of our first issue of the year. This issue features a paper written by Dae-Hee Kim, Lisa Spiller and Matt Hech, “Analyzing media types and content orientations in Facebook for global brands”. This research found that while global brands use social media quite actively and usually post several times a week, the type of content that will engage consumers most actively will vary across brand categories. Whereas story-telling might work best for convenience goods, for example, shopping brands might benefit more from posting promotional content. This result is an important finding as we move ahead in our understanding and sophistication in our use of social media for marketing.

In another paper discussing Facebook marketing, “The impact of brand communication on brand equity through Facebook” by Bruno Schivinski and Dariusz Dabrowski again focuses on the subtleties of social media marketing and highlights the different impact on brand equity of content generated by the user versus content generated by the firm.

The last two papers focus specifically on emotion and memory in online marketing. “False recall of brands in advergames: A cross-country comparison” by Monica Hernandez and Michael Minor highlights how memories may be inflated by false memories and how true and false memories must be taken into account in measuring a promotional effort online.

The next article, “Man, this frustrates me”: Change of consumer emotions in online discussions by Piia Haavisto and Birgitta Sandberg illustrates how negative emotions can rapidly escalate online, and how companies must have intervention strategies in place and at the ready to combat this trend.

I hope you enjoy this issue and have a wonderful year ahead.

Debra Zahay