Journal of Islamic Marketing

ISSN: 1759-0833

Article publication date: 8 June 2015


, (2015), "Erratum", Journal of Islamic Marketing, Vol. 6 No. 2.



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Article Type: Erratum From: Journal of Islamic Marketing, Volume 6, Issue 2

It has come to our attention that the paper “Cases in Strategic Marketing Management: Business Strategies in Muslim Countries”, Journal of Islamic Marketing, volume 1, issue 3 (2010) contained an error regarding the named author. The paper cited John Quelch as the author, however the author of the paper is Nadia Shuayto. The error was introduced during the production process. Emerald sincerely apologises to the author Nadia Shuayto for any inconvenience caused. The author name has now been corrected and added to the electronic version of the article.