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An analysis of the relationship between ICT infrastructure and international tourism demand in an emerging market

Quyet Nguyen (Faculty of Economic and Law, University of Finance – Marketing, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
Cong Van Nguyen (Faculty of Accounting and Auditing, Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology

ISSN: 1757-9880

Article publication date: 8 November 2022

Issue publication date: 30 November 2022




This paper aims to examine the impact of the existing information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and the development of the destination’s ICT on the tourism demand of international tourists in an emerging economy, Vietnam.


Using time-series data from 1995 to 2019, this study applies vector error correction model to analyse the impact of ICT infrastructure in the short- and long term.


The results of analysis show that although ICT infrastructure does not affect the number of international tourists in the short term, it positively contributes to tourism development in the long term. In addition, the results also show that in the short term, consumer prices have a negative impact on tourist arrivals while having a positive effect in the long run.

Research limitations/implications

This study only considers the impact of ICT infrastructure on the whole without going into each factor reflecting different aspects of the ICT infrastructure. Moreover, this research only stops at the pre-pandemic period, so it has not shown the role of ICT infrastructure in travel and tourism demand during severe pandemic periods.

Practical implications

The research results are an essential basis to support the Vietnamese Government’s strategy to pursue an accelerated investment policy in ICT infrastructure, especially investment in the tourism and hotel industries. On the other hand, the research results also create more motivation and confidence for managers and operators of destinations in Vietnam to invest in ICT infrastructure and apply ICT in management.


This study adds to the literature on tourism–ICT linkages in an emerging tourism market directly between ICT infrastructure and international arrivals with a dynamic time series–based approach that considers the dynamics in the tourist demand identification model. In addition, this study used consumer price index to assess the impact of price on tourist demand instead of using the exchange rate or using the relative prices between the origin and destination countries.


本文探讨了现有 ICT 基础设施和目的地 ICT 发展对新兴经济体越南国际游客旅游需求的影响。


该研究使用 1995 年至 2019 年的时间序列数据, 应用矢量纠错模型 (VECM) 来分析 ICT 基础设施的短期和长期影响。


分析结果表明, 虽然ICT基础设施在短期内不会影响国际游客数量, 但从长远来看对旅游业发展有积极贡献。此外, 研究结果还表明, 在短期内, 消费价格对游客人数产生了负面影响, 而从长期来看, 则产生了积极影响。


研究结果是支持越南政府加快信息通信技术基础设施投资政策战略的重要基础, 特别是对旅游业和酒店业的投资。另一方面, 研究成果也为越南旅游目的地的管理者和经营者投资ICT基础设施和在管理中应用ICT创造了更多动力和信心。


本研究通过考虑旅游需求识别模型中的动态的基于动态时间序列的方法, 增加了有关新兴旅游市场中旅游与 ICT 联系的文献, 该联系直接在 ICT 基础设施和国际入境者之间进行。此外, 该研究使用 CPI 来评估价格对游客需求的影响, 而不是使用汇率或使用来源国和目的地国之间的相对价格。



The authors would like to express the authors’ gratitude to respected editors and reviewers for their valuable comments. The authors truly believe this has enhanced the authors’ results.


Nguyen, Q. and Nguyen, C.V. (2022), "An analysis of the relationship between ICT infrastructure and international tourism demand in an emerging market", Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology, Vol. 13 No. 5, pp. 992-1008.



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