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Digital transformation and human resources planning: the mediating role of innovation

Mahmut Demir (Department of Tourism Management, Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Isparta, Turkey)
Emre Yaşar (Department of Tourism Guidance, Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Isparta, Turkey)
Şirvan Şen Demir (Department of Tourism Management, Suleyman Demirel Universitesi, Isparta, Turkey)

Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology

ISSN: 1757-9880

Article publication date: 22 November 2022

Issue publication date: 11 January 2023




This study aims to examine the relationship between digital transformation (DigiTr), innovation and human resources planning (HRP) in hotels to investigate the impact of DigiTr on innovations and HRP and to test the mediating impact of innovation on the DigiTr-HRP relationship.


The authors used a quantitative research method in this study, specifically by conducting a hybrid face-to-face and online survey to collect data from 462 human resources (HR) managers, department managers and HR professionals at four- and five-star hotels in Turkey. The structured questionnaire assessed DigiTr, innovations in business models, services and processes and quantitative and qualitative changes in HR. The authors used covariance-based structural equation modeling to test the hypotheses.


DigiTr affected both innovations and HR planning in hotels, and also the effect of innovations on HR planning. In addition, DigiTr and innovations increased qualitative changes in HR planning but reduced quantitative changes. Finally, innovations mediated the relationship between DigiTr and HR planning.

Practical implications

These findings indicate that employers and employees need to be aware of developments in employment in the tourism industry, as these can significantly impact HR planning via DigiTr and innovations.


This study differs from the existing literature by providing empirical evidence to fill the knowledge gap regarding how DigiTr and innovation affect HR planning.


本研究考察了酒店数字化转型、创新和人力资源规划之间的关系, 以调查数字化转型对创新和人力资源规划的影响, 并检验创新对数字化转型与人力资源规划关系的中介影响。


我们在这项研究中使用了定量研究方法, 特别是通过进行面对面和在线混合调查, 从土耳其四星级和五星级酒店的 462 名人力资源经理、部门经理和人力资源专业人士那里收集数据。结构化问卷评估了数字化转型、商业模式、服务和流程的创新, 以及人力资源的数量和质量变化。我们使用基于协方差的结构方程模型来检验假设。


数字化转型既影响了酒店的创新和人力资源规划, 也影响了创新对人力资源规划的影响。此外, 数字化转型和创新增加了人力资源规划的质变, 但减少了量变。最后, 创新在数字化转型和人力资源规划之间的关系起到了中介作用。


这些调查结果表明, 就业发展可以通过数字化转型和创新显着影响人力资源规划, 因此雇主和雇员需要了解旅游业关于就业的发展动向。



Demir, M., Yaşar, E. and Demir, Ş.Ş. (2023), "Digital transformation and human resources planning: the mediating role of innovation", Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology, Vol. 14 No. 1, pp. 21-36.



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