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A concise autobiography of microfinancing: the pursuit of a world without poverty

Kuldeep Singh (Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune, Symbiosis International (Deemed University), Pune, India)

Journal of Global Responsibility

ISSN: 2041-2568

Article publication date: 10 July 2024




Microfinancing is one of the most essential tools for fighting world poverty. But what if microfinancing were a living entity like all of us? How would microfinancing narrate its life story to the world? The current viewpoint essay generates critical reflections on microfinancing, in the light of contemporary observations, experiences, literature reviews and logical reasoning and narrates the autobiography of microfinancing in its own words.


The paper adopts a first-person omniscient methodology, where microfinancing is the narrator of its life story. Microfinancing is well aware of its perception among other characters (stakeholders), such as practitioners, academics, researchers and lawmakers.


The paper concludes that microfinancing can eradicate world poverty. However, to do so, microfinancing should achieve financial sustainability. While the institutionalists support the financial self-reliance of microfinancing, welfarists contend for donor-based support. Some argue that financial objectives cause a drift in the social mission of microfinancing (mission drift), for which it was conceived in the first place. Nevertheless, in line with the contemporary literature, the current essay, while narrating the story of microfinancing, strongly supports its institutionalization. It is only through financial sustainability that microfinancing can continue its fight against world poverty.

Practical implications

Focusing on the institutionalization of microfinancing should provide practical implications for managers.

Social implications

The viewpoint supports the fight against world poverty via the sustainability of the microfinancing sector.


In a unique way of narrating the autobiography, the essay intends to draw significant attention to the sustainability of microfinancing. The paper intends to draw more attention toward research on the microfinancing sector to fight world poverty.



Singh, K. (2024), "A concise autobiography of microfinancing: the pursuit of a world without poverty", Journal of Global Responsibility, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.



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