List of referees 2013

Journal of Documentation

ISSN: 0022-0418

Article publication date: 14 October 2013


Bawden, D. (2013), "List of referees 2013", Journal of Documentation, Vol. 69 No. 6.



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List of referees 2013

Article Type: List of referees 2013 From: Journal of Documentation, Volume 69, Issue 6

The following people acted as referees for Journal of Documentation during the past year. We thank all our referees for their efforts and expertise. We particularly remember Niels Ole Pors, a much-appreciated reviewer and board member, who died in March 2013:

Saatchi Arafat

Soren Briet

Vanda Broughton

Harry Bruce

Michael Buckland

Robert Capra

Oliver Chen

Gobinda Chowdhury

Ann Curry

Michael Day

Ron Day

Andrew Dillon

Melanie Feinberg

Nigel Ford

Jonathan Furner

Claudio Gnoli

Jannica Heinstromm

Isto Huvila

Charlie Inskip

Charles-Antoine Julien

Jaana Kekäläinen

Deborah Lee

Anne Marie Lloyd

Andy MacFarlane

Stephan Makri

Carlos Manjarrez

David McMenemy

Hope Olsen

Charles Oppenheim

Ramune Petuchovaite

Niels Ole Pors

Gary Radford

Pauline Rafferty

Lyn Robinson

Ian Ruthven

Reijo Savolainen

Chirag Shah

Siobhan Stevenson

Cassidy Sugimoto

Paul Sturges

Sanna Talja

Melissa Terras

Ross Todd

Peter Willett

Maja Zumer