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Technology intervention for preventing COVID-19 outbreak

Prateek Pandey (Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna, India)
Ratnesh Litoriya (Medi-caps University, Indore, India)

Information Technology & People

ISSN: 0959-3845

Article publication date: 12 May 2021

Issue publication date: 29 July 2021




The purpose for writing this article is derived from the misery and chaos prevalent in the world due to the coronavirus pandemic – since late 2019 and still continuing as of December 2020.


A blockchain-based solution to verify the country visit trail and disease and treatment history of the passengers who arrive at the immigration counters located at various national borders and entry points is proposed. A fuzzy inference based suspect identifier system is also presented in this article that could be utilized to make further decisions based on the degree of suspicion observed on a particular passenger.


This paper attempted to put forth a blockchain-based system which consumes the healthcare and visit trail summary of a passenger (appearing for an interview before an immigration officer) and forwards it to a fuzzy inference system to reach to a conclusion that the passenger should be advised to self-quarantine, detained, or should be allowed to enter. Such a system would help to make correct decisions at the immigration counters to check pandemic diseases, like COVID-19, right at the entry points.

Research limitations/implications

The implications of this work are manifold. First, the proposed framework works independent of the type of pandemic and is a readymade tool to check the spread of disease through infected human carriers. Second, the proposed framework will keep the mortality rates under check, which would give ample time for the authorities to save the lives of the people with co-morbidities and age vulnerabilities (Vichitvanichphong et al., 2018). Third, it is a general phenomenon to restrict the flights from the country where the first few cases of infection are discovered; however, the infected person, at the same time, might travel through alternative routes. The blockchain-enabled proposed framework ensures the detection of such cases at no other cost. Finally, the solution may appear costly in the first place, but it has the potential to hold back the revenue of the countries that would otherwise be spent on reactive measures.


As of now no other study or research article provides the solution to the biggest problem persists in the world in this way. The contribution is original and worth applying.



Pandey, P. and Litoriya, R. (2021), "Technology intervention for preventing COVID-19 outbreak", Information Technology & People, Vol. 34 No. 4, pp. 1233-1251.



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