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The development trend and academic patent technology network of laser and optical technologies

Shu-Hao Chang ( Science and Technology Policy Research and Information Center , National Applied Research Laboratories, Taipei, Taiwan)

International Journal of Innovation Science

ISSN: 1757-2223

Article publication date: 15 October 2021




The application of laser and optical technologies in the industry is wide and extensive; the development and application of laser and optical technologies have become a promising research domain. However, most existing studies have focused on the technical aspects or the application aspects; these studies have not highlighted the technology distribution and application development of laser and optical technologies from the big picture. Additionally, the manner in which the research and development (R&D) results of universities correspond to the needs of enterprises and industry has become a topic of concern for the public. Therefore, this study aims to adopt the academic patents as the basis for analysis and to construct a laser and optical technology network.


Therefore, in the current study, the researchers have analyzed relevant academic patent technology networks, using academic patents of laser and optical technologies as a basis of analysis.


The study results indicated that the key technologies mainly lie in nanostructures, metal-working, material analysis and semiconductor devices. Additionally, these technologies are mainly applied in industries, such as optics, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and organic fine chemistry; this indicated that a large proportion of academia’s R&D outcomes are applied in these industries.


In this study, the researchers have constructed a technology network model to explore the technical development direction of laser and optical technologies; the results of the current study could serve as a reference for universities and industry for allocation of R&D resources.



The authors would like to thank the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Taiwan for financially supporting this research under Contract No. MOST 109-2410-H-492-001.


Chang, S.-H. (2021), "The development trend and academic patent technology network of laser and optical technologies", International Journal of Innovation Science, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.



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