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I have a dream: Ayuvayur Pharmaceuticals

Manoj Joshi (Amity Business School, Amity University, Lucknow, India.)
Apoorva Srivastava (Amity Business School, Amity University, Lucknow, India.)

Publication date: 19 April 2013


Subject area

Start-ups, entrepreneurship, innovation and innovative practices, risks, uncertainties, differentiation, internationalization, competition, business models, operationalizing and implementing strategy.

Study level/applicability

The case is suitable for MBA students.

Case overview

Vinay moved to the capital city of a Northern Indian state, which also happened to be a commercial hub, after his family business failed. The family succumbed to living in a room without electricity and doors. Vinay had dreamt of establishing his own business empire by being a successful entrepreneur. Steered by this intent, he established a pharmaceutical company with the name of Ayuvayur Pharmaceuticals. The challenge was to establish an innovative Ayurveda-based pharmaceutical products-based firm and to build a leading business empire with a customer focus. Progress was not smooth and the challenges ahead multiplied. Despite his ability to cope with barriers, risks and uncertainties, Vinay and his business, was challenged to grow globally and emerge from its nascent structure. How should the business expand?

Expected learning outcomes

Students can discover the following key learning points: how an enterprise is born; the importance of entrepreneurial recognition and orientation; the lead characteristics of an entrepreneur; how a start-up is born despite the unfamiliarity of the entrepreneur with the field he enters; the role of innovation in a small enterprise; and the risks, barriers, uncertainties and challenges associated with entrepreneurial activity.

Supplementary materials

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Joshi, M. and Srivastava, A. (2013), "I have a dream: Ayuvayur Pharmaceuticals", , Vol. 3 No. 1.



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