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Peri-Peri Original: the expansion decision in Pakistan

Muhammad Kashif (Business School, GIFT University, Gujranwala, Pakistan)
Michela Mingione (Department of Management and Law, University of Rome, Rome, Italy)
Muhammad Fawad Noori (School of Art, Design and Architecture, GIFT University, Gujranwala, Pakistan)

Publication date: 22 June 2017


Subject area

Marketing of Services, Brand Management.

Study level/applicability

Graduate (MBA), Services Marketing Course.

Case overview

The case highlights growth challenges faced by a fast food brand named Peri-Peri Original in a developing country context of Pakistan. The major presence of the brand is in two major cities of Pakistan – Karachi and Lahore where mostly youth and families are the target markets of this brand. However, there is no unique element in the minds of the target market because the brand faces a differentiation challenge in the realm of strong global competition from McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). The management team at Peri-Peri has several environmental challenges to face as well. Internally, the brand is confused with its close competitor Nando’s as people perceive these two brands as the same. Second, there is growing concern among social activist groups and families in Pakistan that fast food consumption is causing diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity among children. On the contrary, the global fast food chains especially McDonald’s and KFC are on top of the mind in the consideration set. With these challenges and concerns in mind, the brand team has two options on the table. One is to geographically extend the brand to other cities whereas the other option is to use the same outlets and dedicate a portion to the kids’ market segment to increase product variety and ultimately the store traffic. It is noticeable that the brand has a reputation of excellence in service quality; the employees are motivated and Peri-Peri have retained their staff over a period of time. Furthermore, the brand is a small scale restaurant with only limited budget and focused product mix which is its core spirit of branding – the chicken grilled in Mozambican sauces and a service attitude which no one can demonstrate; in a way, Peri-Peri is approaching to grow its brand equity.

Expected learning outcomes

To understand the brand positioning of developing countries’ organizations facing a growth challenge in a service environment. To understand the concept and application of Services Tangibility spectrum. To understand the decision-making process managers have to face when dealing with brand extension decisions.

Supplementary materials

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Subject code

CSS 8: Marketing.



We are grateful to Mr Abbas, Restaurant Manager at Peri-Peri for assisting us in meeting with company officials and allowing us to gain some real-time data.


Kashif, M., Mingione, M. and Noori, M.F. (2017), "Peri-Peri Original: the expansion decision in Pakistan", , Vol. 7 No. 2.



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