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Towards a transformer transient model as a lumped-distributed parameter system

Sergey E. Zirka (Department of Physics and Technology, Dnipro National University , Dnipro, Ukraine)
Yuriy I. Moroz (Department of Physics and Technology, Dnipro National University , Dnipro, Ukraine)
Ebrahim Rahimpour (ABB AG, Bad Honnef, Germany)



The purpose of this study is to develop a topological model of a three-phase, three-limb transformer for low-frequency transients. The processes in the core limbs and yokes are reproduced individually by means of a dynamic hysteresis model (DHM). A method of accounting for the transformer tank with vertical magnetic shunts at the tank walls is proposed and tested on a 120 MVA power transformer.


The model proposed has been implemented independently in a dedicated Fortran program and in the graphical pre-processor ATPDraw to the ATP version of the electromagnetic transient program.


It was found that the loss prediction in a wide range of terminal voltages can only be achieved using a DHM with variable excess field component. The zero sequence properties of the transformer can be accurately reproduced by a duality-derived model with Cauer circuits representing tank wall sections (belts).

Research limitations/implications

In its present form, the model proposed is suitable for low-frequency studies. Its usage in the case when transformer capacitances are involved should be studied additionally.


The presented model can be used either as an independent tool or serve as a reference for subsequent simplifications.


The model proposed is aimed at meeting the needs of electrical engineering and ecology-minded customers.


Till date, there were no experimental data on zero-sequence behavior of three-phase, three-limb transformer with vertical magnetic shunts, so no verified transient model existed. The model proposed is probably the first that matched this behavior and reproduced measured no-load losses for a wide voltage range.



Zirka, S.E., Moroz, Y.I. and Rahimpour, E. (2017), "Towards a transformer transient model as a lumped-distributed parameter system", COMPEL - The international journal for computation and mathematics in electrical and electronic engineering, Vol. 36 No. 3, pp. 741-750.



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