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The conquest of gender prejudices over sales negotiations: which will prevail?

Ela Unler (Bahcesehir Universitesi, Istanbul, Turkey)
Didem Yildiz (Bahcesehir Universitesi, Istanbul, Turkey)

Publication date: 23 June 2021


Study level/applicability

Students from undergraduate and graduate levels.

Subject area

Leadership, implicit leadership theories, decision-making, gender stereotypes and discrimination.

Case overview

Defne was working as a sales manager in Diel Turkey, an international technology company. Diel focuses on software, hardware, network and business consultancy services. Defne had worked as a computer engineer before starting to work in the sales department. In her leadership, she gave importance to long-term relationships and justice. Defne had two meetings this week. The first one was with T&X, a big scale fast moving consumer goods company; and the other one was with Q-Coding, a medium-scale technology company. Defne had negotiated with T&X two years ago, and the project got canceled. Defne worked on T&X new contract very cautiously, as this time she wanted to finish the project and make the deal. Defne had to deal with prejudices during the T&X meeting. Implicit beliefs are grounded in the cultural background of the country, which determines the perceptual framework for the society. Male-dominated countries have implicit beliefs that women’s priorities should be their families, thus being successful at work is not expected. Defne faced male-oriented stereotypes, which challenged her in doing business. Even though she was a successful manager, these subjective beliefs made her perform poorly. During the meeting with Q-Coding, Defne discussed the prejudice for women leaders with a women entrepreneur Suzan.

Expected learning outcomes

This case is trying to achieve two main objectives: first, to make all students be aware of implicit leadership theories and beliefs, which are rooted in the countries’ cultural background; second, to make female students be aware of these dysfunctional coping behaviors and increase their self-efficacy without thinking about their gender roles.

Subject code

CSS 7: Management science



Unler, E. and Yildiz, D. (2021), "The conquest of gender prejudices over sales negotiations: which will prevail?", .



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