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Savannah Informatics: Driving renewed growth in a Kenyan health informatics company

Publication date: 8 December 2022


Subject area of the teaching case:

The case is particularly well suited to entrepreneurship, marketing, technology, innovation, or strategy courses.

Student level:

This teaching case is aimed at postgraduate students in management or business programmes.

Brief overview of the teaching case:

This case follows the Kenyan healthcare tech company Savannah Informatics as they contemplate how the company will continue to grow in a post-pandemic world. Savannah is the market leader in electronic claims validation solutions for the Kenyan healthcare system. Their flagship product, the digital platform Slade 360, allows health insurers, healthcare providers, and patients to share claims information for health services in real time, drastically reducing payment transfer times, incidents of fraud, and account errors. The Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown mandates from the Kenyan government have reduced short-term revenues by driving down hospital visits for citizens overall, but they have also created a demand for telemedicine and more online healthcare solutions. CEO John Muthee and his co-founders are left to consider their options for growing Savannah Informatics: expanding into new markets, creating more solutions for their insurance and provider customers in Kenya, or diversifying.

Expected learning outcomes:

  • Identify the key challenges facing Savannah

  • Analyse the organisation using the 5Cs model (company, customers, competitors, collaborators and context) and VRIO (value, rarity, imitability, and organisation) analysis

  • Assess the growth opportunities available to Savannah and make recommendations



Nyakeri, W.M., Samuelsson, M. and Bick, G. (2022), "Savannah Informatics: Driving renewed growth in a Kenyan health informatics company", .



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