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Loreto Day School, Sealdah

Rajeev Sharma (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad)
Geeta Choudhury (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad)

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

ISSN: 2633-3260

Publication date: 16 March 2015


The case presents the situation prevailing in Loreto Day School, Sealdah, when Sister Cyril took over as the principal of the school. It details the initiatives taken by her to turn around the school. With her active interest and concern for marginalised children, the school started admitting a greater number of non - fee paying children, bringing their number to half of the total enrolled children in the school. Several programmes like providing shelter to street children and integrating them into the education system, weekly visits by school children to nearby village schools, addressing the problem of hidden child labour, programmes for platform children and training for barefoot teachers were organised along with other teaching and learning activities in the school. Pedagogic changes like activity oriented science teaching, value education, work education, and an assessment programme which took into account the effort put in by children were also initiated. Views of a cross-section of parents, some of whom had high praise for the school while some others expressed concerns about its divergent activities are also included.



Authors are grateful to Sister Cyril, teachers and children of school and several parents for sharing information and their experiences about the school.


Sharma, R. and Choudhury, G. (2015), "Loreto Day School, Sealdah", Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.



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