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Influence of slot profiles on the characteristics of jets

Anusindhiya Krishnaraj (School of Mechanical Engineering, Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai, India)
Vinayagamurthy Ganesan (Center for Innovation and Product Development and School of Mechanical Engineering, Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai, India)

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology

ISSN: 0002-2667

Article publication date: 20 June 2022

Issue publication date: 2 January 2023




The purpose of this research is to study and investigate the flow control of 0.8 Mach jet using three tab configurations. The tabs with the slots will eventually lead to generation of vortices and thus enhances the mixing characteristics.


The jet flow control is achieved by the usage of three tabs, namely, Tab A, Tab B and Tab C that are placed at the exit plane of the convergent nozzle at 180 degrees apart. Three tabs with different slot profile are designed with the same constant blockage ratio of 7.3%. The tabs produce vortices of varying sizes that directly influence and modify the jet structure, thereby enhancing the efficiency in mass entrainment and mixing. The tabs are studied numerically first and then are compared with the results of the experiments.


The results are compared with that of the results of the uncontrolled jet. For Mach 0.8 jet, Tab C is found to reduce the core length and gives reduction of 90.23%, in comparison to Tab A and Tab B, which provides 84.1% and 87.79%, respectively. The results of numerical are then compared with the centerline results obtained via experiments. With the engagement of Tabs A, B and C, the jet structure is seen to have been modified at Mach 0.8 with Tab C performing better.

Practical implications

The tabs are a passive control device that can be practically enabled in the aircraft nozzles to control the flow and even suppress the noise emanated by the jet. Tabs can be effectively used for better thrust vector control and assist in jet noise suppression. Thus, this study on tabs and its uses are important and essential in aerospace technology.


This particular study on mechanical slotted tabs is innovatively carried out by designing the tabs in such a way that one such has not been designed before. The slots run through the adjacent sides of the tabs which is a novelty in itself, whereas perforations made only through the opposite sides of the tabs are studied by various researchers till now. The slots in the adjacent faces modify the flow physics in such a way that it enhances mixing by the creation of turbulence because of the interaction between the main stream and the secondary jet exactly at the core. So far, such slots and profiles are not investigated. By the usage of such tabs, the flow to mix faster is much closer to the core of the jet by creating mixed size vortices and thus has higher efficiency.



Krishnaraj, A. and Ganesan, V. (2023), "Influence of slot profiles on the characteristics of jets", Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, Vol. 95 No. 1, pp. 120-131.



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