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Risk Management in Maritime Logistics and Supply Chains

Maritime Logistics

ISBN: 978-1-78052-340-8, eISBN: 978-1-78-052341-5

Publication date: 12 January 2012


This study aims to critically review and analyse the classification of supply chain risks and disruptions and thereby suggest a suitable method for classifying maritime risks. It aims to discuss the propagation effects of port disruption on the supply chain and mitigation strategies.

In addition to secondary research, six semi-structured interviews were conducted with the management personnel of two terminal operators, two shipping lines and two insurance companies.

When a port disruption happens, the most immediate impact is the adverse effects on terminal operations. It also leads to a domino effect on other parties in the supply chain including shippers and consignees, shipping companies, inter-modal transport providers and other ports. Proper risk management needs to be embraced by the supply chain members. However, there is very little or no such collaboration between the supply chain members in practice.

This article proposes a more integrative approach in assessing various kinds of risks, and more research in this area to be done for Asia.

Risk management has been the concern for many stakeholders ranging from industry practitioners to the people who are affected by the maritime business throughout the world. The maritime industry should look into risk management in the maritime logistics and supply chain context instead of dealing with risk in isolation.

There is a serious lack of research for analysing supply chain disruptions with ports as a focal point. The paper contributes by filling the research gap.




The author would like to thank the editors for their valuable time and comments. Thanks also go to the interviewees for providing valuable information and opinion on the research topic.


Lam, J.S.L. (2012), "Risk Management in Maritime Logistics and Supply Chains", Song, D.-W. and Panayides, P.M. (Ed.) Maritime Logistics, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. 117-131.



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