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e-HRM Application in Tourism and Hospitality in Sinai of Egypt

The Emerald Handbook of ICT in Tourism and Hospitality

ISBN: 978-1-83982-689-4, eISBN: 978-1-83982-688-7

Publication date: 30 November 2020


The emergence of e-HRM in tourism and hospitality industry in Sinai of Egypt depicts the challenges in competency, performance and compensation associated with progressing the human resource function towards handling the effective managerial decisions. The emergence leads to a variety of investment vehicles evolving a competitive and user friendly tool which is available for anytime, anywhere access. Thus, the delicate situations of dependency on person-based decision-making, which is highly pervasive on memory and mood consistencies for making judgements are regularised and facilitated by data. Thus, puzzles and mathematical reliance on human-based sincerities are delinked and merged to machine-based delivery, subjected to auditing at varied levels of inputs and alerts. Many intuitive, heuristics and biases that deviate the rationalisation of decision-making process are leveraged and captured continuously so that various possibilities can be formed as an algorithm at later stages. These determine the tendency to bond stronger on technology reliability. The competitiveness among decision-makers to tackle situation is completely matched to performance dependent and competency of the resources applied to the activity of deployment. The evolved system is through the stakeholders’ inputs through ‘one-to-one’, ‘one-to-many’ and ‘many-to-one’ of the tour management team, with vital inclusive of the guest responses which make it as an essential connect in the genesis for understanding the market segment for the content knowledge on the guests’ profile, behaviour and preferences expected. Sinai of Egypt is a nice place for tourism, it’s a paradise in offering, with places such as Sharm El Sheikh, Naama Bay, Ras Mohammed National Park, Mount Sinai, St Catherine’s Monastery and Resorts of Dahab, Nuweiba and Taba for travellers to choose a wide range of plush five-star resorts at relatively low prices, with good weather, beyond sea-and-sand. The News media Harteez in the year 2019 had quoted that according to the Egyptian Tourism Ministry, the tourism industry had brought in $12 billion in 2018, which a mere half during the previous year. This potential can be harnessed with the adorable use of technology which can help this industry to reach unlimited geography and bring travel and leisure customers to enjoy the beauty of the creator.



Said, M.M.T. and Umachandran, K. (2020), "e-HRM Application in Tourism and Hospitality in Sinai of Egypt", Hassan, A. and Sharma, A. (Ed.) The Emerald Handbook of ICT in Tourism and Hospitality, Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 441-452.



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