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Customer Experience: A Business to Business Context

Crafting Customer Experience Strategy

ISBN: 978-1-83909-711-9, eISBN: 978-1-83909-710-2

Publication date: 4 May 2021


Customer experience (CE) has been of research interest especially with researchers in a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) context. Extensive research has identified the potential of similar studies in Business-to Business (B2B) contexts, yet we have little understanding of what influences a customer's experience in a B2B environment.

This chapter aims to capture the adequacy of efforts to capture the intricacies of CE in a B2B context using input–output measures both in the traditional and modern-day environment. The chapter would provide marketing managers with a clear understanding of how CE is affected in the B2B context. Essentially, it describes the importance of creating a positive CE through the direct interaction of various stakeholders with the company and its brand. This chapter advances the current state of knowledge by analysing the impact of CE on all dimensions of customer journey, creating a differential advantage over time.



Sharma, D. and Dass, S. (2021), "Customer Experience: A Business to Business Context", Popli, S. and Rishi, B. (Ed.) Crafting Customer Experience Strategy, Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 175-197.



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